Ryan and Coleman were challenged by two members of the TJC fencing club.  Drew and Owen gave the sports guys a crash course on the art of foil fencing.  The first man to five points wins.  You have to win by two.

Owen took on Ryan in the first match.  Maybe it was beginners luck, but Ryan took an early 3 to 1 lead.  Owen quickly tied the match at 3.  Owen then took a 6 to 5 lead.  Ryan needed 3 straight points to win and he succeeded.  It was a big upset as Ryan beat Owen 8 to 6.

Next up, it was Coleman vs Drew.  Drew quickly took a 3 to 0 lead.  Coleman responded with two points.  Drew closed out the match to win 5 to 2.

With each team picking up a win, the two losing players went head to head for a one point sudden death face off.  After a long battle, Owen tagged Coleman for the winning point.  Drew and Owen won 2 games to 1, but left impressed with the 7 Sports fencing skills.