Tyler Pilates instructor helps Josh Hamilton prepare for big season

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Pilates and dance instructor at Balance studio in Tyler, Michelle Heines has never been a big baseball fan.

"I did know who Josh Hamilton was," said Heines with a laugh.

The all star outfielder didn't know Heines.  The Texas Rangers did.  When the Rangers needed help with new Pilate machines, the team called Heines up.

"The trainers were pretty sure they could do it," said Heines.  "Then they said 'Oh you just come back and do it.'"

With Hamilton coming off another injury riddled season, Heines had to sell the Rangers star on Pilates.

"He (Hamilton) needed to change something," said Heines.  "He wasn't sure what he was going to change but he was pretty sure he liked the idea of Pilates. I had him do one exercise. The exercise he did about killed him. I said 'This is just one exercise.'"

The former American League MVP came around asking Heines to work with him without throughout the offseason.

Heines was even invited to work with Hamilton at spring training in Arizona.

"When some tourists were walking through the batting cages, we were working," said Heines.  "He (Hamilton) said 'Hey, if I hit 40 home runs, tell everyone it was the Pilates.' I said no, 'Tell everyone it was the Pilates instructor.'"

Hamilton is on pace for more than 40 home runs.  He leads the American League in home runs, RBI and batting average.  Hamilton continues to make spectacular catches in the field.

"I just want to scream," said Heines. "It's so much fun to watch him. I'm so proud of him."

Is Heines the secret to Hamilton's success? She's definitely helped.  Heines believes other Ranger players took notice.

"Even Yu Darvish was looking at him like 'What is that?'" said Heines.  "It made them curious."

With Hamilton's monster start, Heines may have more star clients in her future.  She's already worked with several TCU football players.

"There's only so many people that can do these things," said Heines.  "I'd love to help them all. I really would."

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