Piranha sub-species caught in East Texas lake

RUSK COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man got a big surprise while fishing on an East Texas lake. He submitted photos of his unique catch to sendit@kltv.com.

Ben Hart was fishing in Martin Creek Lake in Rusk County on Wednesday, when he got a tug on his line. Hart reeled his catch in, only to find what looked like a piranha on the hook.

Officials with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department have identified the fish as a "Pacu." They continued that the Pacu is a sub-species of the piranha, and assured us that the fish is not dangerous, but is certainly an odd find in East Texas.

The Pacu is an omnivorous, fresh-water fish that originates from the waters of the Amazon in South America.

TPWD say the fish was probably a pet that someone dumped into the lake, but given that the fish is not native to East Texas, any population of the Pacu could cause problems for the area eco-system.

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