WEB EXCLUSIVE: Woman finds squirrel in toilet

Published: Mar. 7, 2012 at 1:54 PM CST|Updated: Mar. 7, 2012 at 1:56 PM CST
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NORTH, SC (WIS) - There may be more squirrels than people in the town of North. You see them in yards, climbing up trees, gnawing on wires, but one woman never thought she'd find a squirrel in her toilet.

No, you don't have to read that sentence again. Rose Stroman-Morris found a squirrel in her toilet. 

"I said, 'Good gracious, what is that?' It took me a moment to realize that it was actually a squirrel," Stroman-Morris said.

Stroman-Morris is used to squirrels running all over her property.

"I've been living there for 40 years, and they've been doing it for 40 years," Stroman-Morris said.

But never in the toilet.

"A grabber, like you pick up things with. And I said, 'Oh, let me run and get that.' I ran and got that and got in here, clipped it around his neck and out the door I went, just like this to the door and took him outside and flipped him on the ground," Stroman-Morris said.

Stroman-Morris thinks the animal somehow crawled through a vent and made its way through the pipes.

"Never did think I'd see that in my house," Stroman-Morris said.

Two other people have reported finding a surprise guest in the toilet in the town. The squirrels are truly driving everyone nuts.

"They're just going be a nuisance I suppose," Earl Jeffcoat, mayor of North, said.

Jeffcoat has given permission for some people to do something about it.

"Different people have asked us to give them a permit to shoot them in their yard, but they keep coming back," Jeffcoat said.

Osborne Arant has a permit to shoot the squirrels, but he'd rather trap them.

"I wind up buying more peanuts, putting in the traps, and the squirrels have gotten pretty educated," Arant said. "They can go in and get the peanuts and don't trip the trap."

Arant has had many run-ins with the rodents eating wires in cars, lawnmowers, and electrical boxes.

"I don't know why they like wires," Arant said. "I really don't know why, but they do."

You can tell by the nests in the trees, the squirrels are everywhere and now Stroman-Morris knows that for sure.

"I'm telling you from now on when I go in there I look to be sure there's nothing in that toilet," Stroman-Morris said.

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