East Texas Aces

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - It's sure to be an exciting year in Major League Baseball for East Texas.

Not only are the Texas Rangers poised for another World Series run, but two area pitchers are primed for a breakout year.

"You have to go out and prove every day with every pitch that you belong. If you don't, there is someone else in the organization that will take your spot."

Those are the words of Josh Tomlin, a Whitehouse graduate, and pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.

Tomlin and fellow East Texan Philip Humber (Carthage High School) are coming off very successful first full seasons in the big leagues.

"It is neat to look back at the moments from this past year," said Humber, "Then you realize that you want to get better and so we just keep working hard to make sure we are ready to go."

Humber finished with a 9-9 record for the White Sox in 2011, posting a sub 4.00 ERA along the way.

Tomlin started his season in record fashion, setting an MLB record by pitching at least 5 innings in his first 37 starts of his career.

"To be honest, I did not think I would be in that position, that I would be that good," said Tomlin, who won 12 games for the Indians, "You don't look at yourself as one of those guys who can throw 95 or 96 miles per hour, so you're not sure if your stuff will hold up. Luckily mine did and I am thankful for that."

Throughout the entire off-season. you will find Tomlin and Humber working out together, and during the season, you'll find them cheering for each other, no matter where they are playing.

"I am always looking for a TV to see what he did when he pitches," said Tomlin, "I'm always scoreboard watching to make sure he is doing well."

"It is really neat to have someone like Josh to bounce ideas off of and to not only workout with, but to keep track of during the season," said Humber, "Whenever I get the chance, I watch him play."

Both Tomlin and Humber will enter the 2012 season, more than likely, in the rotations for both of their teams.

If they are anything like they were last year, it could be a very fun year in East Texas.

"I am honored to be able to go out there and represent the area," said Tomlin, "To show the kids from around here that you really can make it from here into the big leagues and you can do well when you get there."

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