A look back on the case against Nate Anderson

Published: Feb. 1, 2012 at 11:20 PM CST
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SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The trial of a Chapel Hill teen accused in the shooting death of his sister could be over before it starts.

Sixteen-year-old Nate Anderson is expected to enter a plea agreement on Thursday.

He's charged with killing his 19-year old sister, Amanda Anderson in September 2010.

The exact details of that deal may not be known until Nate Anderson is in front of a judge Thursday.

It has been a long and emotional road for many, particularly the Anderson family.

September 15, 2010-- the day Amanda Anderson was found shot-- four times in her bedroom.

Her then 15-year-old brother Nate told authorities he'd come home from a jog to find their home broken into and his sister dead.

"He was in the police car and he was crying so hard," said Nate and Amanda's grandmother.

"He had such a love for her...and such a devotion to her... and then to find her in the condition that he found her beyond belief," said their grandfather.

Investigators spent a week combing the house for evidence, as neighbors stayed in their homes, both shocked and frightened.

Anderson family neighbor, Aimee Saenz said, "We're just afraid. We think the killer has to be somewhere here...we just don't know where."

As the family mourned, they were desperate to know what happened and why.

Amanda's father, Mark Anderson said, "I'm starting to think there's not going to be the wedding, there's not going to be her mom being able to go through her pregnancy together and expecting a baby and all the things you look forward to with your daughter. It's never going to happen."

Then, two months later, Nate was arrested here in the parking lot of Gospel Chapel.

At the time, Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith said, "We've had enough evidence to go to trial with as much as 30 days ago, but we wanted the complete package."

One piece of that package was blood splatter on Nate's clothes.

It was a pattern experts said, "Could not result from touching or being near the body of the deceased."

Nate also told investigators he never actually went in Amanda's room, but knew she'd been shot multiple times in the head.

Investigators said, "It was impossible for anyone who was standing in the doorway of Amanda Anderson's bedroom to know that she had been shot in the head, let alone how many times she had been shot."

Family and friends continued to stand by Nate's innocence.

Nine months later, Nate was certified as an adult and moved to the Smith County Jail.

Mark and Stacey Anderson struggled to accept their empty home, with grieving hearts that they said could only be healed by God's grace.

Stacey said, "It was hard enough as it was to just get used to it being three of us, and now overnight, it just feels like two."

Again, the details of the plea agreement haven't been made known. Stay tuned to KLTV and for the latest in the case tomorrow.

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