ETX veteran gets house makeover

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas military veteran has been without running water since last year, and Saturday morning the community joined forces to provide emergency repair to his home.

The homeowner, Hezekiah Braxton, said it's always been his dream to repair his home, and now thanks to ReHabitat his dream is finally coming true.

After serving our country as a Marine for eight years Hezekiah eventually made his way to Tyler and bought this house in 1995.

"I found this house driving through here delivering propane because everyone up here didn't have natural gas and that's how I got acquainted with Tyler, Texas," said Hezekiah.

ReHabitat is a program with Habitat for Humanity of Smith County to help low-income seniors with emergency home repairs and modifications.

"Like most of the rehabs we have this one needed a new roof and this one did not have  any running water, the septic system wasn't working, there was very little electricity, no insulation and the floors were sagging and needed to reinforce it," said Jake Wilson, Habitat for Humanity.

"A friend of mine asked me to come over and take it look at it and I came here and saw holes in the walls and when I saw holes in the walls I realized this was an area that needed to pay attention to so we came over here and worked on it," said Richard Estes, Estes Roofing and Construction.

Estes said he and his crew plan to fix everything from top to bottom in Hezekiah's home as a thank you to the veteran for his service.

As for Hezekiah, it's the first steps to rebuilding the home he always envisioned.

Habitat for humanity officials said the house should be ready in about two weeks.

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