Police: ETX man arrested for attacking 2 with chemical drain cleaner

Police: ETX man arrested for attacking 2 with chemical drain cleaner

UPDATE 12/05/11: Harrison County officials have arrested and charged Galen Wallace on two counts of aggravated assault/family violence stemming from accusations he attacked two family members with chemical drain cleaner.

Wallace was arrested near the intersection of Nesbitt cut off and St. Hwy 154, where police say he had been using an abandoned vehicle for shelter.

Both charges are first degree felonies, and the punishment could range from five to 99 years on each offense, if convicted.

Released by The Harrison County Sheriff's Office:

HARRISON COUNTY, TX - Harrison County deputies are searching for a man accused of attacking two people with chemical drain cleaner.

Harrison County 911 operators on 11-28-2011 received a call at 1:37 AM regarding an injured person and an assault that had just occurred at 4271 Driskell Bridge Rd. in the Northwest area of the county.

Upon deputies arrival, they were met by ambulance personnel and found 2 people had been assaulted and were being treated for chemical burns on their face and body. They were both splashed around their face and chest area with a chemical drain cleaner that is an acid based product during the assault.

The incident began with the suspect, Galen Wallace, 39, walking through the residence on Driskell Bridge Rd. with a bottle of acid and making angry remarks about the victims and saying that the drain cleaner could cause a lot of damage to a person. He then went to the bedroom where the victims were and began throwing the liquid onto the bed and the victims. The victims are identified as Brittany Brice, 24, and Donald Salley, 21. Both victims were transported to LSU Medical Center for further treatment.

As deputies were interviewing the victims and witness, it was learned that the suspect had fled the residence and had taken his 3 year old son, Christian, with him. He fled into a wooded area behind the residence and deputies, with the assistance of K-9 operations, attempted to find the suspect throughout the early morning hours. At approximately 9:00 AM, The suspect went to a relative's residence and dropped-off the child and then left on foot. The suspect is being sought in connection with the assault. The 3 year old child is with other family members.