ETX Pigslayer catches bobcat

ETX Pigslayer catches bobcat

BIG SANDY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man known as the Pigslayer put his pig hunting skills aside to track down a bobcat. B. J. Upchurch caught the bobcat not far from his front door, just northeast of Big Sandy.

A few weeks ago, Upchurch noticed his geese disappearing one by one. When he checked his deer cam, he saw the culprit- a bobcat. After several failed attempts to catch this wild cat, his wife suggested placing the trap with scraps of food in a hole. She thought there would be less of a chance of the bobcat getting away if there was only one way in and one way out.

Tuesday evening, Upchurch walked out to the trap and found that their plan had worked; a twenty-pound bobcat was caught in his trap.

He said he wife was not a big hunter at first, but he always had faith in her. That faith seems to have paid off.

"I was really excited. This was the first bobcat that I've actually ever personally seen on the property. I was super excited that I got my little culprit," said Upchurch.

Upchurch said there are signs of another bobcat on his property, so he is already in the process of setting more traps. He said he and his wife view their turkeys, geese and quail as pets. So, knowing another bobcat is on the loose is nerve-wrecking.

However, experience does help, and with one bobcat trapped, it may be easier to catch his second.

"I'm not quite yet ready to be called the Bobcat Slayer, I'm going to stick with the Pigslayer," he said.

With another bobcat threatening his livestock, friends and family might be calling him the Bobcat Slayer sooner than he thinks.