Prosecutors Agree, Laney Insane

Defense attorneys for Deanna Laney have said she was insane the night she stoned her three children, killing two of them, and permanently injuring her youngest son. Today, prosecutors changed the entire scope of the case by agreeing with them. It was supposed to be a routine pretrial hearing, instead, acting district attorney Matt Bingham made the announcement that he couldn't move forward with prosecuting a death penalty case against Deanna Laney, because his two mental health experts were both siding with the defense.

The same criminal psychiatrist who said Houston mother Andrea Yates was sane when she murdrerd her five children, says Deanna Laney was insane when she allegedly killed hers. Matt Bingham,  acting Smith County District Attorney, said, "In the years he's done this, I think he's found ten subjects to be insane. In this case, he characterized this as a textbook case of insanity."

Defense attorney Buck Files said, "If we both agree that she was insane at the time of the killing, then obviously insanity is off the table as far as an issue."

Which leads to many question marks as to how this case can move forward. An obvious solution is for Judge Kent to find Laney not guilty by reason of insanity. It would keep Laney out of jail.

Court information officer Christi Kennedy said, "If your'e not guilty by reason of insanity, that works as an acquittal, and so there is no finding of guilt, because you are not guilty."

Former county prosecutor Robert Perkins, who analyzed todays findings for Channel 7 said not guilty by reason of insanity is the logical outcome.  He said, "Since all of the experts have come to the same conclusion that she was insane at the time of commission of the offense, I would be surprised if they continue forward with the prosecution of the case."

Kevin Berns, reporting.