East Texans on edge after bobcat found in neighborhood

East Texans on edge after bobcat found in neighborhood

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Comeshia Caldwell couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the bobcat that her neighbors had found.

"I Just came out in shock, actually. And my neighbors had informed me they had found it up on the road," said Caldwell

The animal was hit and killed by a car while chasing another animal. Residents in the area say wild animals are a growing problem in their neighborhood. That's why Caldwell fears for the safety of her children.

"Who knows if one might sneak up on them. If one's in the backyard or something just lurking around the house looking for a prey."

Bob Gardner with the Animal Control of Tyler says the drought could be pushing animals into residential areas in search of water. He says nearby construction is another factor.

"In areas like this, where we have wooded area and we continue to push and grow, from time-to-time wildlife will come into the area," said Gardner.

He says bobcats usually don't target people, but small pets are at risk.

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