Restaurateur bans Larry Flynt over Casey Anthony/Hustler offer

Second ad from Jeff Ruby
Second ad from Jeff Ruby
First ad from Jeff Ruby
First ad from Jeff Ruby

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Local restaurant owner Jeff Ruby has placed another ad in the Orlando Sentinel newspaper about the Casey Anthony trial.

Anthony was recently acquitted in the murder of her daughter, Caylee, 2.

Ruby placed an ad in the paper last month that read "Orlando Justice," with the 'O' and the 'J' bigger and bolder. "I had to put Orlando Justice because it happened in Orlando and I wanted that OJ connection to draw attention to what a farce this was," said Ruby.

In this ad, Ruby slams another Cincinnati native, Larry Flynt, who reportedly offered Anthony $500,000 to pose for Hustler Magazine.

"The only thing as obscene as the verdict is you and her mother circling Caylee's grave like vultures to see just how much money you two can make from her tragic death," the ad reads. "Paying her mother to pose in Hustler is wrong. Even though I called and through your assistant urged you to retract the offer, you apparently refuse to do so. The murder of this innocent 2 year-old girl will now make her nude "grieving" mother a multi-millionaire and a filthy rich man even filthier."

Ruby also banned Flynt from all seven of his restaurants, saying, "While I have appreciated your many years of patronage you have now been 'OJayed'. We don't want your blood money at any of our seven restaurants."

The ad also promotes a website called, which is an online petition for social change.

" murder for profit is not what this county has come to."

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