Longview shelter haven from heat

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Scorching temperatures now has one Longview shelter doing what it can to keep folks cool. With temperatures around the 100-plus mark every day the threat of dehydration, heat stroke and heat exhaustion threatens anyone spending time outside.

"You just burn up out there its really bad," says Tyler native Jade Parker.

The Hiway 80 rescue mission has stepped in with an open door policy these days, and are encouraging people to come in , even if its just to cool off.

"There's not seemed to be a break, it think that's one of the things that unique is its going day after day after day," says mission director Eric Burger.

The mission has seen a great increase in homeless men, women and children looking for relief from the heat. Their dorm is full and they're sleeping people on cots inside. Sheltering 154 people Wednesday night , and of course they're offering plenty of water. They're serving over 500 meals a day at two locations.

"We want people to be safe , and not only want them to be cool but to hydrate make sure we're giving them water bottles giving them sun block keeping an eye on folks because we want people to be safe," Burger says.

And the shelter from the heat is an oasis for some.

"Its a god-send there's a lot of people out there working doing tough jobs and without it you're just going to continue to get hot," says Parker.

But helping more, has put a strain on the shelters resources, and they need donations.

"Summers when our donations go down and our needs going up, we need sun blocks , water bottle, Gatorade baseball caps," Burger says.

So while its blistering outside, the shelter will offer a place to stay cool. You can make those donations by calling or visiting the Hiway 80 rescue mission on highway 80 in Longview.

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