Insurance policies go up to keep theft and burglary down

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Starting this September, new legislation will add $1 to your car insurance policy. That money will be used to fund the Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority.

The group was set to lose their funding at the end of August when the money they currently get from auto insurance policies will start going toward reducing the state budget deficit.

But now, one more dollar is being added to insurance policies so both the deficit and the ABTPA to get the money they need.

When Brad Parks had his Jeep broken into this month he knew he had to call the police.

"I looked in the back seat. and my clubs were gone, my pod was missing and my sunglasses," said Parks.

What he didn't know was $1 of his auto insurance bill was already going toward funding the East Texas Auto Theft Task Force. Their job is to make sure things like this happen as little as possible.

"If a particular agency is having a long term problem on auto burglary or thefts in particular areas or particular vehicles being stolen... that's when the task forces come in," said King.

King said the task force was almost eliminated this September. That's because the state has decided to use that $1 elsewhere.

Rep. McClendon asked for an additional dollar to be collected by the insurance agencies so the ABTPA could continue the to be funded and continue the work that we're doing," said Gary King from East Texas Task Force.

"If they hadn't gotten the funding you'd have a tremendous increase of vehicle in burglaries in Texas. Right now we've managed to decrease vehicle burglary by 70% with the grants we've been able to give to law enforcement agencies throughout the state," said Texas State Representative McClendon.

Parks said paying one more dollar is fine by him.

"It'd be worth every penny of it," he said.

Especially if it means officials will continue working to keep auto theft and burglary at a minimum.

The task force wants to remind you that July is Watch Your Car Awareness month in Texas. To see if you drive one of the most frequently stolen vehicles in the state or city click HERE.

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