Prestigious fire arm maker names rifle after local hunter

By Bob Hallmark

BIG SANDY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man's hunting skills have vaulted him to the top of his profession, and garnered him a first ever honor from a prestigious fire arms maker.

The son of an Upshur County dairy farmer, Byron South is an expert hunter and earns his living bagging some of the most dangerous predators in North America.

"I've done a lot of ADC work around here, ADC is animal damage control not for government, but for private individuals," explained South.

He has hunting video's and television appearances, and a rifle that he redesigned that bears his name.

And this is what its all about, the Remington R-15 Byron South Signature Edition.

"It's basically an AR 15 but it's designed from the ground up, specifically for what we do---predator hunting," says South.

South signed the very first professional endorsement in Remington's 198-year history."

"It's an outstanding honor, when they called I couldn't believe it," South exclaimed.

He hunts some of the most dangerous animals in North America. And says it has provided him a life of adventure.

South is an expert caller, luring the animals to within kill shot distance.
And he's a dead shot.

And one day, 'South' may be synonymous with Colt, or Winchester.

But don't go looking for the "Byron South Signature Edition" in gun stores.

It can only be purchased on back order through Remington fire arms.

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