'Breast-aurant' opening soon in Tyler

'Breast-aurant' opening soon in Tyler

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Double D Ranch is now hiring. But be forewarned -- the wait staff has to be able to get into tight, sleeveless top, and an even tighter pair of short, denim shorts.

"It's a spicier turn on the 'sports bar' concept," said Bob Westbrook, former president and current board member of the Texas Restaurant Association. Westbrook is not affiliated with the Double D brand, but called it Hooters, redressed.

A construction was hard at work, Thursday afternoon, transforming the old El Chico building into what will soon become the Double D Ranch Bar and Grill, complete with flat screen televisions, carrying as many fights, races and games the networks can carry.

Apparently there's a name for it once you combine the provocatively-dressed wait staff: "They refer to it as the "breast-aurant" category," said Westbrook, citing restaurant industry newsletters and publications.

The Double D Ranch is owned by the same company that oversees El Chico locations. The "Double D" will soon occupy the building located at Loop 323 and Donnybrook. it'll be across the street from Robert E. Lee High School, just feet from the Babies "R" Us and Toys "R" Us stores, and a few yards away from a children's dance studio.

Rachel Hotman, a mother of two young children, called it, disappointing. "I do wish it was in a different location."

She said she was surprised the "breast-aurant" would open in Tyler. "Considering this town is so conservative," she said.

Westbrook said he's not surprised. He said El Chico was part of a highly saturated Mexican food market. Double D is one way its parent company plans to get away from low-performing locations and capitalize on a new concept. Westbrook said it also helps that Tyler's population swells, daily, by the tens-of-thousands. Spots like Double D tend to do better around lunchtime.

Westbrook said he believes the concept will be well-received.

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