Street corner preacher arrested for selling drugs to undercover

COOKVILLE, TX (KLTV) - He posed as a successful businessman with religious ties, but his disguise concealed a dark side, a drug dealer, who made one deal too many.

Robert Logan, 40, of Naples, had a clean cut appearance, and the ruse of and outwardly religious man.

Driving a $40,000 Cadillac and carrying a bible, he was arrested for attempting to sell methamphetamine. His cover even surprised investigators.

"This guy looked like a normal family man, well dressed, and drove a nice car," exclaimed Titus County Sheriff Tim Ingram.

Undercover officers nabbed Logan in a small town area near Cookville.

Logan had set up sale of methamphetamine Monday in the Cookville area, what he didn't know is that he was selling to undercover narcotics agents. Logan had seven grams which is going to be two "eight-balls" street term, with a street value of $750.

A warrant search of his home revealed huge amounts of cash, more meth, and clever transportation containers such as this can of "WD-40" with a false bottom.

Investigators were not the only ones surprised. Even friends and family had no idea what Logan was up to.

"He was very good at keeping this under the radar, keeping a good front. He's putting quite a bit of poison on the street," Ingram said.

Police say Logan was unemployed and was not a Church member anywhere that they know of. He even asked when he would be released so he could attend a Bible class.

They are unsure if Logan was telling the truth, or just trying to put up a charade.

Logan was charged with first degree felony manufacturing-delivery of a controlled substance.

He is free after posting $40,000 bond.

If convicted, Logan could face anywhere from five to 99 years in prison.

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