LIVE paranormal investigation in Henderson 7p-1a

LIVE paranormal investigation in Henderson 7p-1a

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - 'He ain't afraid of no ghosts'. So much so, Kevin Weddle is trying to meet one or at least get some pictures, like the one taken by his group of 14 in Jefferson.

This weekend's investigation takes place at a very old house in Henderson.

"If you put in the Howard-Dickenson House in the computer there's lots of stories," Kevin said.

Like ghostly apparitions on the stairs, a permanent bloodstain from a murder, lights that come on by themselves and car keys that re-appear out of nowhere. Kevin hopes the house puts on a show for anyone who's watching.

‘We're going to set up our infra-red cameras on our DVR system. We're going to broadcast it over the internet, so anyone can log on and watch us for free. We don't do this for money. It just gives us the opportunity for everyone in East Texas to see what a paranormal investigation is about," he said.

And you can be an investigator just by watching. If you catch something they miss, you can tell them in their chat room.

Unknown Paranormal has plenty of gadgets, the Ovulous.

"It's got a built in word bank, and spirits can actually talk through it," Kevin Explained.

His group does an investigation a month, so if there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Unknown Paranormal, that's who.

"Quiet," the ovulous said.

"It just said quiet," Kevin observed.

"Well, I guess we're done," I said.

He ain't afraid of no ghosts..but I'll be watching from my house.

You can watch the live stream right here on Saturday night from 7pm-1am.

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