Gov. Perry signs "Baker's Bill" - ETX baker plans on business

Published: Jun. 20, 2011 at 1:36 AM CDT|Updated: Jun. 20, 2011 at 3:28 PM CDT
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AUSTIN, TX (KLTV) - Governor Rick Perry has signed "The Baker's Bill", leading Texas bakers in hope for another source of income, all while staying in their home.

KLTV's Annette Falconer talks with one east Texas baker, who can't wait to start her baking business.

It's the day that can't come too soon for baker, Stephanie Frazier.

"September first you'll hear me calling around saying, hey, would you like a cookie?", says Frazier.

Governor Perry signed the "Bakers Bill", allowing bakers like Fazier to sell their non-perishable goodies.

"If you had a kitchen under the same roof where people slept, you were not allowed to sell your food but now this removes this restriction for us," says Frazier.

The bill comes with a couple restrictions, like the maximum that they can make and where they sell their treats, but most of it is for the consumer's safety.

Frazier says, "They can call the health department and say, I just wanted to check, to see if you have any complaints about mama steph and they could tell you if there were anything."

'Mamasteph' says this bill allows her to do what she loves, and gives her a chance to make a little extra money.

"Now that will help supplement for people who just want to try something fun and new and maybe put a little extra money in your pocket which is always a nice thing," says Frazier.

And she says she has one person to thank, " I'm just so thankful that Governor Perry has given us the opportunity to at least try to start something new 1:2:21 and actually help a lot of smaller business owners at least try, I think that's a great thing."

All of Mamasteph's baking talent comes naturally, and the sense of humor.

"It makes me happy to feed people I guess, I'm like an old Italian grandmother, even though I'm not Italian!," says Frazier.

The Texas Cottage Food Law will go into effect September first.

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