Gift of Love: Kymani and Omari

An afternoon at Brookshire's Wildlife Museum was a special treat for brothers Kymani and Omari. Kymani is an active and playful child who loves to be held.

JENNIFER: Can you blow me a kiss? Are you flirting with the camera? KYMANI: blowing kisses. JENNIFER: yeah blowing kisses, so sweet.>

"He's very much wants to hug on you, he needs that attention," case manger Krista Price said.

Kymani is a happy toddler that is very active and always on the go.

"A fish!," Kymani discovers walking through the halls of animals.>

Kymani has started walking within the past couple of months and loves to run!

"He is active. He wants to run and play everywhere. If he is anywhere he is running," Price said.

As for his development, he's right on track.

Kymani has started talking and is learning to use simple words and phrases to get what he wants or needs.

"He's on target, no delays and he's learning, he can say his ABC's and sing songs," Price said.

Older brother Omari is a very active little guy too. He especially liked the monkeys playing a board game.

"um, they say ooh ooh ooh. what do they do? they go like this grrrrrr," Omari said as he acted out being a monkey.

He enjoys one on one attention and loves hugs and smiles. Omari also likes to run, laugh, be held and played with.

"He loves to play with blocks. very much of a truck person. every time I see him he is playing with a truck and showing me a truck," Price said.

Omari has been described as a friendly child that never meets a stranger. As for his development, Omari has some small delays.

"He does have a little delay in speech and he's going to services for that but other than that he's pretty much on target," Price said.

These boys have two older siblings with whom they would like to stay in contact with. They would also do great in a family with other siblings.

"Omari loves Mickey Mouse and Kymani, they love to eat at McDonalds that's their favorite place," Price said.

And what these two little guys would love most is a forever family to show them the Gift of Love.