Habitat for Humanity's repair work in question

Habitat for Humanity's repair work in question

SMITH COUNTY (KLTV) - A Lindale man asked Habitat for Humanity to help him make his home scooter accessible. He says instead, he ended up with a big mess.

After months of complaining to the organization, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs visited the home. That department sent Habitat a letter Wednesday, asking them to fix the man's home.

David Blaylock says he just wants to drive his scooter around his home.

"Hold on! It's scary to even try to maneuver here," said Blaylock.

Problem is, he can't get inside.

"There's no way you can get over that," said Blaylock pointing to a bump in the doorway.

Last year, Blaylock applied to get help from Habitat for Humanity's "Rehabitat" program. Using a $12,000 grant, Habitat hired a private contractor to make Blaylock's home accessible.

"It's useless," said Blaylock. "What they've done is totally useless to me."

David pointed out what he calls problem spots.

"You can just see what kind of job they done," he said.

Blaylock says his problems aren't just inside the house. He says everything from the outside ramp to the pipeline work under the house that causes sewage backup in his shower has given him a headache. He says living in his home has become unbearable.

Habitat's Chief Executive Officer Jack Wilson says the state sent them a list of problems they found in Blaylock's home. Wilson says his organization is looking into the claims.

"If there are some things that the contractor that we hired did that was just not up to acceptable practice, we're going to go in and fix that," said Wilson.

In hindsight, Wilson says Habitat regrets taking on Blaylock's home to fix. Blaylock says he also regrets applying for the grant.

Habitat says they have a conference call with the state Monday morning. Wilson also wanted to point out that they've only had two complaints for the last eighty remodeling jobs they've done.

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