Longview hosts Tea Party rally

Longview hosts Tea Party rally

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- A big crowd packed the Gregg County courthouse lawn in Longview to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Tea Party's forming. Organized by members of 'We The People', the focus was most about the economy and the enormous debt that the country faces. Attendees say we need representatives who will do something about solving big problems.

"My warning to both sides of the isle is if you don't do what the American people want you're not going to have a job, you work for us , we don't work for you," says 'We The People' President Darryl Wolter.

"This is my future," said one 17 year old Tea Party supporter.

Organizers say they will start movements to come up with new candidates for congress, if elected officials don't fulfill their promises to the Tea Party.

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