Hail damage keeping repair crews busy

By Jena Johnson - bio | email | Twitter

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- Following the violent storms that moved through East Texas on Sunday, both auto body shops and roofers have been flooded with calls about hail damage.

"The wind was ferocious and the hail was coming down," said Mike Flynn, a Flint homeowner.

Hail poured from the East Texas sky, pummeling thousands of rooftops, leaving cars to fend for themselves and residents taking cover.

"My wife was trying to drag me into the hallway and get under blankets because she was really worried and the dogs were going crazy they for sure thought we we're having a tornado," said Flynn.

Flynn moved to Tyler from Michigan just three weeks ago. Monday morning, he was told his brand new roof is now no good.

"Now, he's [repairman] here this morning and says we need another new roof," said Flynn.

It's the same story on nearly every street. "From Longview to Sulphur Springs over to the Athens area. Our coverage is pretty wide," said Jett McKay, sales manager for East Texas Roof Works and Sheet Metal, "We have been tremendously busy."

McKay and his crew have been estimating hail damage since before dawn. "Even on some roofs we've already seen this morning, the hail was large enough where it is doing some damage. So we just recommend hiring someone local, you can go through the phone book or Better Business Bureau."

While McKay marked grapefruit sized hail damage on Flynn's rooftop, back on the ground, Flynn pointed out what the storm did to his car. The damage is keeping Keith Hodges busy. He's been repairing hail dings on cars all day.

"It would probably take about three hours or so to take all the dents out. So, it's a pretty tough job," said Hodges.

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