A Better East Texas: State Board of Education Decision

The Texas State Board of Education recently decided to adopt new standards defining the content of Social Studies and History text books.  This topic comes up every 10 years as the board discusses and debates what our children's text books will contain.  The 15-member board has been launched into the national spotlight recently because of their most recent action.  Their decision has angered many liberals because of the supposed conservative slanted angle that text books will take when describing different historical events.  It is sad that this subject has become politicized to the degree that it has.  Some board members have defended their decision by positioning it as some kind of payback or adjustment for the curriculum and teaching approach over the past decade that has taken a more liberal slant.  But in the same way that judges should not legislate from the bench, the State Board of Education should not try to swing the pendulum back to force a conservative slant.  Pursuit of the truth is one thing but the omission of certain historical events or the softening or more critical take on certain historical figures, should be left for students to debate, research and form their own opinion.  We need our children to think and make up their own minds.  Let's challenge our teachers to slice through the political fog and present a balanced curriculum.  It will make a for well rounded students and a Better East Texas