Lesson can be learned from Goodwill stores says Gohmert

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Most people are familiar with the Goodwill Retail Stores, but Goodwill wants you to know about a different area of work.

Congressman Louie Gohmert got a chance to tour the facility Friday, where people with more severe disabilities are learning and performing jobs. Gohmert said the tour showed him something that East Texas businesses need to know about.

"Goodwill industries is here, and does this, and can take some of those jobs," said Gohmert. "Instead of throwing things away, maybe they send it out to Goodwill, they fix it, give it back to them in shape where they actually end up better off in their industry, and having given jobs to people that can do it."

Gohmert also spoke to us about the controversial immigration legislation in Arizona. He says as long as officers there do not engage in racial profiling, it should be considered a measure of self-defense for the state of Arizona.

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