Conflict between police chief, sheriff's detective causing concern

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - We are learning more about an internal issue between the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department and Jacksonville Police.

Monday night, the police chief announced his force will no longer assist the Sheriff's Department.

What led up to the decision, began with an anonymous email that was sent out, stating the police chief, Reece Daniel, was resigning due to a lawsuit involving the sexual harassment of five women. Chief Daniel denies those allegations and says his force uncovered it was actually Cherokee County's chief detective, Chris White, who sent out that email. Chief Daniel says White did that in retaliation for him refusing to accept a sexual assault case that originated in Cherokee County.

The situation is concerning to some Jacksonville residents and folks in Cherokee County. We met with Jacksonville's mayor and city attorney. Both say meetings are already underway to get the issues resolved.

"This is not even particularly a concern of public safety as much as it may be a concern of maturity," said Mayor Haberle. "Maturity among the agencies that are having the conflict and we intend to get that under control."

"I know both of these individuals and they have genuine concerns about their obligations to the public," said Jacksonville's city manager, Joe Angle.

For legal protection, Police Chief Reece Daniel is not speaking on-camera. But, he did email this statement, saying his force "will continue to provide back up and law enforcement services to anyone in need."

"As these individuals and these agencies work through their conflicts and get their maturity levels under control, don't let the citizens doubt for one moment that their safety is not called in to question, we're going to be there," said Haberle.

In the meantime, Chief Daniel is asking that Chris White be fired from the Sheriff's Department. Tuesday, he said he believes Sheriff Campbell will take the necessary action.

"He is a good man facing a tough decision," said Daniel.

Mayor Robert Haberle says those decisions will be made at the administrative level and he has full confidence they can all work together to get this mess resolved soon.

"It's unfortunate this has come up but sometimes," said Joe Angle. "An open window and some sunshine on the affairs will take care of it."

Chief Daniel has gotten an attorney and says he will not comment further because of a potential lawsuit Chris White may file in the future. However, Mayor Haberle says that, to his knowledge, there are no open lawsuits right now.

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