Kake Kut'r: "Does It Work?"

Have you ever seen something on TV and said 'why didn't i think of that?'. That's what we said when we saw the Kake Kut'r.

We've all seen it happen. You go to a party, and somebody's man-handling that poor cake. Their hands all over it. Pieces falling apart. Well the Kake Kut'r says it can end all that

The Kake Kut'r is a simple idea.. Basically, two knives joined at the end with two handles.

"Cut and serve perfect pieces of cake every time" the package says.

Claudia Bazan-Hill of local bakery, Chez Bazan knows a thing or two about cutting cakes. "

"Let's find out if it's true or not," says Bazan-Hill.  The Kake Kut'r is not only designed to cut perfect pieces, it serves them too. Claudia's eager to give it a go.   And sure enough, it worked like a charm! "Look at that," she says.  A perfect piece, cut and served.

I tried it, and it worked for me too.

"I think it works," says Claudia.  "And I think the best part is you can decide what size (slice) you want. Some people want a little one like this," Claudia says as she spread the two knives farther apart. "Some people can get the big one like this that they want. It works."

We give the Kake Kut'r... A 'yes'.