Woman says she was attacked

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GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - She was only trying to leave work, when she says she was put in the fight of her life. Now, an East Texan is speaking out.

Sara Young tells KLTV she was assaulted last week outside the Burger King on Highway 259 in Kilgore. So far, police have not identified any suspects.

20-year-old "Sara Young" still has a bruise around her eye from what she calls a gang attack.

Sara claims she walked to her car after her shift at Burger King, and that's when the alleged assault took place.

"I was got pushed from my right side. It was a big circle of guys and they were just pushing me around and when I started fighting back, that's when they had their hands over my mouth and started dragging me," said Sara Young.

Sara says her attackers were three to four men and their goal was to get her inside their vehicle and kidnap her.

"They were fighting to get me in the car, but I wouldn't let them get me in the car," said Young.

That's when Sara says her instincts kicked in and she was determined to get away, no matter what.

"When I bit him, he swung me and I hit the concrete. I just landed and then kept running. That's the only way I got away, was biting and making a scene. He put his arm over my face, I guest to silence me, and I bit him right in the groove of his arm," said Young.

Sara says that bite saved her life and for that she's thankful.

"It's absolutely a blessing from God that I'm still here."

Kilgore police tell us they are still following up leads on the assault. Young tells us her attackers were dressed in matching bright blue hoodies, turned inside out.

If you have any information, call Kilgore police.

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