Candlelight vigil honors slain teacher

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - As the sun set, the people arrived to remember a life that burned brightly.

Robert E. Lee High School Faculty held a candle light vigil tonight in memory of fallen teacher Todd Henry. Teachers from both John Tyler and Lee were present, alongside Todd Henry's friends and family. For the man who lived his life through music his remembrance began with song.

In troubling times, Robert E. Lee High School faculty reached out .

"We just thought how can we come by John Tyler and show our support and do something with their faculty to show that we do care about them," said Lee administrator Lezlie Boyd.

One by one candle flames were exchanged, the light spreading throughout the crowd of strangers, brought together through loss.

"Tonight we're here to show our love our support our prayers for the Henry family," said John Tyler Booster President Faye Baxter Jones, "Our condolences go out to them we're very sorry for what happened."

On a night of sharing emotions, not much was said, but the words that were heard were touching ones.

"To God I truly pray, a man dedicated to helping who would take his life without the thought of his children, his students, his wife," said a John Tyler student. "He will truly be missed and may the strum of his guitar keep playing as we silent remiss."

The candle flames were soon blown out, but the memory of a respected man, musician, teacher and husband continue to burn on.

We spoke to family members in attendance who told us they've been embraced by the community during these tough times and thank everyone for their loving support.

On, we've set up a link for people to share their memories of Todd Henry.

You can leave your thoughts by going to the homepage, then clicking on the story, "East Texans reflect on Todd Henry's life."

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