Teacher dies in stabbing at John Tyler HS

"May the music that he played, forever strum in each of our hearts." -East Texan
"May the music that he played, forever strum in each of our hearts." -East Texan

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UPDATE: The 16-year-old suspect was arraigned Thursday morning for Capital Murder. There is a detention hearing Thursday afternoon.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - School officials emphasized Wednesday morning's stabbing of a teacher was an "unforeseen, isolated" occurrence. The suspect, a 16-year-old student, is in police custody at the Smith County Juvenile Attention Center. Meanwhile the question remains, what exactly led the student to attack the teacher?

Instead of school bells, concerned parent Diann Myers heard sirens and saw lights, causing her concern for her daughter who is a John Tyler sophomore.

"They basically told us to get off the property," said Myers. "We weren't allowed over there. There's always fighting so I just wanted to make sure my daughter was okay."

Our cameras were there as EMS workers took Todd Henry to the hospital. Officials say Henry, another staff-member and three students were in a classroom when one student took a weapon and stabbed him. Outside, students and staff were turned away as police investigated the crime scene.

"We're concerned about our daughter," said Marcie Lee. "We can't even get in there to her right now."

Officials say the student was subdued by the other staff member and held until police arrived.

Sophomore Charnice Warren was inside the building when the stabbing happened.

"The principal made an announcement and said don't release any students out of class...and then she said some kind of code...and then that meant lockdown," said Warren.

"They started sending around text messages saying somebody had been stabbed," said one student.

Classes were canceled and students eventually released to parents.

TISD officials held a press conference Wednesday afternoon. It's reported a fight occurred inside the school Wednesday morning. Superintendent Dr. Randy Reid says the incident was not gang related or racially motivated.

"Nor was it associated with any other incident," said Reid. "All reports suggest that it was a random act by an individual student. There was nothing in the classroom that incited the situation."

Reid called the stabbing an "unforeseen" incident. Others see it differently.

"Week after week, week after week, fights," said Lee. "And, now, this is where we are."

"I pray for this school and the students that go here," said Warren. "It's so much going on...it don't make no sense."

Tyler ISD Police and Tyler Police are investigating the incident. The superintendent said classes at John Tyler will resume Thursday at regular time. Dr. Reid says the district will have significant support and security at John Tyler Thursday, and for the foreseeable future.

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