East Texan Shops For Shoes, Cashes Big Check

An East Texas woman went looking for shoes for Christmas.

Instead, she found ten thousand dollars.

Emory's Brenda Gaby won the big prize at Shoe Carnival of Tyler. Her big check came after drawing a lucky ticket on the day after Thanksgiving. Saturday, she picked up the big check for ten grand. However, Brenda says the additional money here at the holidays won't all be spent on Christmas.

"I've always felt," Brenda says, "Like if you were given something, then you needed to be responsible with it. I know in the Bible it says, 'to whom much is given, much is required.' I'm not going to blow it on Christmas."

"I have given some to charity," she says, "And I will be giving some to my church."

Brenda says she was so stunned that day, she forgot to buy the shoes she came in for. As for the big ceremonial cardboard check, she plans to hang that in her game room as a souvenir.

Reid Kerr reporting.