Smith County looks to ‘better performance’ in future elections

New law requires uniform hours of operation at temporary polling places
  Democratic debate covered expected issues: immigration, guns, health care

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New law requires uniform hours of operation at temporary polling places

A new election law is generating some concern about voter turnout in upcoming elections. The law requires uniform hours of operation at temporary polling places and eliminates mobile or movable polling places.

Do you plan to vote in Texas’ November elections? The time to register is now

Texans hoping to participate in the Nov. 5 election have until Oct. 7 to register to vote.

  Democratic debate covered expected issues: immigration, guns, health care

The debate covered the expected topics; how do you think they did?

  WEBXTRA: Could Texas be a swing state in 2020?

Could Texas be a swing state in 2020? Tonight’s debate in Houston highlights that thought on a diverse college campus in a diverse city.

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand drops out of 2020 presidential race

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race.

McKellar officially becomes newest member of Tyler City Council

Newly-elected Tyler City County District 3 council member Shirley McKellar was sworn into office during a Wednesday ceremony.

  NY Times endorses Klobuchar, Warren in Democratic contest for president

The paper said it had chosen the two most effective candidates from the moderate and progressive sides of the party — without stating a preference for either approach.

AP sources: Security probe targets Trump’s Russia adviser

Two people with knowledge of the probe tell The Associated Press that Andrew Peek has been put on administrative leave.

  No escape: Senators to be quiet, unplugged for Trump trial

While senators might privately grumble about the restrictions, they agree the rules are justified as they consider the serious matter of removing the president from office.

  Discovery of unused disaster supplies angers Puerto Rico

Video of people breaking in to retrieve the goods set off a social media uproar, as the area struggles to recover from a strong earthquake.

US marks King holiday amid fears of deep racial divisions

As the nation marks the holiday honoring King, the mood surrounding it is overshadowed by deteriorating race relations in an election season that has seen one candidate of color after another quit the 2020 presidential race.

  Thousands gather for Women’s March rallies across the US

Thousands of people are gathering in cities across the country as part of the nationwide Women’s March rallies.

House Democrats, White House lay out arguments before trial

House Democrats say in a brief filed ahead of impeachment trial arguments that President Donald Trump abandoned his oath to faithfully execute the laws and betrayed his public trust.

  Trump assembles a made-for-TV impeachment defense team

There will be millions watching on television, 100 senators seated silently in the Capitol and one man in the Oval Office with a twitchy Twitter finger.

US housing construction jumps 16.9% in December

The Commerce Department reported Friday that builders started construction on 1.61 million homes at a seasonally adjusted annual rate in December, up 16.9% from the November pace of home building.

  11 U.S. service members injured in last week’s Iran missile attack, military official says

The U.S.-led military coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria shared that detail Thursday in a statement.

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  Trump makes video calls to American troops for Christmas

President Trump takes part in a teleconference with members of the military.

  Politics and Thanksgiving table talk

Pass the turkey, hold the arguments. How do you survive talking politics at the dinner table?

  What is coronavirus?

The first case of coronavirus from Wuhan, China, has been confirmed in the U.S. So, what is this virus and how is it spread?

  'Frozen' iguanas fall from trees in Florida

As the temperatures fell into the 30s and 40s, the green critters began tumbling from South Florida trees.