A Better East Texas

  Better East Texas: NBA GM’s tweet causes blowback from China

China did not receive the tweet from Morey positively and has cancelled television carriage of several NBA-related events between NBA teams actually playing in China.

  Better East Texas: Pros and cons of paying student athletes

The reality is that colleges make millions and millions of dollars in revenue off of sports, while the student athletes don’t make anything.

  Better East Texas: Bodycams, dashcams reveal first responders in action

Law enforcement agencies have been using dash cameras to record traffic stops and other policing actions for decades – back into the 1980s. Technology has evolved and now we have bodycams, and the newest dashcams have incredible detail and information.

  Better East Texas: Preventing school violence

Preventing one action of school violence is worth it and makes for a Better East Texas.

  Better East Texas: Any relief in sight for student loan debt?

A $30,000 a year job can’t pay for one hundred thousand dollars in loans.

  Better East Texas: New tobacco regulations beginning September 1

September 1 is always a banner day across Texas, as that is the day that many new laws go into effect.

  Better East Texas: Just Keep Livin Foundation providing character, fitness training

School is back in session and some parents have, no doubt, already heard the groans from their students about the outlook for the year.

  Better East Texas: ‘Debate-palooza’ underway

This political process has changed dramatically in just a few years and the current process looks more like a foreign country than America as far as the number of candidates and the prolonged trail that leads to the eventual final candidates.

  Better East Texas: Pros and cons of daily vs. weekly pay

There is an emerging trend in the employment world where employers offer a daily paycheck or pay deposit to their employees.

  Better East Texas: Preserving Battleship Texas

One of the true Texas historical artifacts is the Battleship Texas ocated near the Houston area.

  Better East Texas: Ice-cream licking, dirty hands, and other despicable public health hazards

Sadly, we have entered an era when that act, dirty hands on food, is minor compared to what is captured regularly on video and posted on social media.

  Better East Texas: Evolving technology contributes to public safety

Technology has always developed at light speed, and when you blend current technology with law enforcement, the result is usually impactful.

  Better East Texas: Texas Secretary of State controversy

Earlier this year Texas Secretary of State David Whitley, while in the process of being confirmed by the Texas senate, conducted a review of voters in Texas in an effort to improve the integrity of the state’s voter rolls – essentially make sure they were accurate.

  Better East Texas: Season of political promises

We are quickly entering the season of promises – in the case of presidential candidates, there are just as many promises floating around as there are candidates.

  Better East Texas: Preserving licensing for plumbers

Now, most industries would welcome a contraction in government regulations but in the case of the state’s 58,000 or so plumbers, they wanted the licensing restrictions to remain in place.

  Better East Texas: The Art Briles effect on Mount Vernon football program

Unfortunately, there is a shadow on one high school program in East Texas that needs to be addressed before the season begins.

  Better East Texas: Baseball needs netting

Baseball is a dangerous sport. Let’s face it. If you are a parent or just a fan of a little leaguer, you know the angst that comes when your player is at bat or when a hard-hit ball is sailing at them – will they react in time – make the play?

  Better East Texas: D-Day anniversary reminds of sacrifices made

The invasion of Normandy was the largest amphibious invasion in military history with more than 150-thousand troops moving across the English Channel into France. It changed the course of World War II.

  Better East Texas: Texas lege tackles budget, but other issues left unsolved

The work of the Texas Legislature is coming to a close, and while the required result – a balanced 2-year budget - has been tackled, there are a load of uncompleted needs and a few major revisions in Texas Law.

  Better East Texas: When school’s out, wrecks involving teenagers increase

While the summer schedule is a special time of year, it can also be the deadliest time of year. Make the commitment to communicate with your teens, set boundaries and hold the line on safe driving practices.

  Better East Texas: Facebook walks the free-speech tightrope

Social media is largely unregulated and dependent upon users to tag and point out offensive or inappropriate content – until now.

  Better East Texas: Research facts before rejecting vaccines

Some parents refuse to vaccinate their children for various reasons both religious and personal, but it appears the largest reason is that they don’t trust the vaccine and everything that goes with it.

  Better East Texas: The immigration crisis continues

Border policy continues to be a hot topic for current and aspiring political office holders.

  Better East Texas: After the storm

No matter how much you prepare, and no matter how informed you are, it has once again been proven that the weather in East Texas is unpredictable.

  Better East Texas: Politicians and physical contact issues

"I believe that Biden had no ulterior intentions or motives, he is just a physical guy who loves to hug and embrace."

  Better East Texas: Drug sharing becoming more common

Through our growing years, we are all taught to share. Be generous, be willing to help, be responsive to need. But there are some things that should absolutely not be shared.

  Better East Texas: Chick-Fil-A targeting could affect other businesses

SA city council Chick-Fil-A targeting could affect other businesses

  Better East Texas: CBD oil debate in Texas

While the debate on legalizing marijuana for recreational consumption is bounced around the Texas legislature, the present and future of CBD oil remains in question.

  Better East Texas: Politicians operating out of ignorance dangerous for economy

We need new blood in the governing arena, but it has to be educated on how things work or it could truly spell economic disaster for us all.

  Better East Texas: Is socialism really what we want?

Certainly, there are aspects of socialism that are, on the surface, appealing to these groups – government provided healthcare, huge tax rates on top earners, and government funded tuition for college.

  Better East Texas: Bomb threats and media coverage

Now, if someone is arrested or school is dismissed early, we will inform the public in those instances. But we cannot be used as a pawn to magnify those bad actors.

  Better East Texas: Randy Gregory suspension reflects greater issue with drugs

Some disturbing news recently, with the announcement that Dallas Cowboys rising star, Randy Gregory, was suspended by the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

  Better East Texas: Is Green New Deal realistic?

The 2020 presidential campaign has already started, and all sides are lining up their battle plans.

  Better East Texas: Shutdown fight 2.0 brewing

The border wall/government shutdown fight, version 2.0, is heating up in Washington. Congress and the president are attempting to find a solution to, you guessed it, the border wall and government funding.

  Better East Texas: Bring back the rivalry

Of all the priorities of the state legislature, scheduling a college football game would seemingly be last on the list on the Governor’s top issues and goals for the new legislative session. But think again.

  Better East Texas: Getting back to discussion without division

It's wrong to jump to conclusions without demanding more information, wrong for taking the bait on social media from sources of questionable origin, and wrong to takes sides and create yet another wall between valid debate and discussion – discussion without division.

  Better East Texas: Government shutdown points out need for financial preparation

The government shutdown was a record one as far as duration. But the term partial has been attached to this as the true scope of the shutdown had some limitations.

  Better East Texas: Facebook vs. your child’s privacy

Think before you post.

  Better East Texas: Will 4-day school week help with teacher recruiting?

Recently, the Athens ISD school board voted to move to a 4-day school week beginning next fall. Roughly 500 districts in 25 states have a similar approach.

  BET: Facebook data sharing

This is the time of year for sharing, but recently, we learned that Facebook has been sharing a little too freely.

  Better East Texas: Vaping leading to rise in tobacco dependence, doctors say

Nearly one in five high school Seniors have used e-cigs in the past month. Additionally, the study reported that in just one year, the percent of students using e-cigs or vaping increased by eighty-seven percent.


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