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  VoteMobile program helps people in Tyler get to the polls

VaLita Waits, Senior Coordinator for the Women in NAACP (WIN) spoke on East Texas Now Monday.

  WATCH: State Board of Education candidate Audrey Young discusses campaign

  WATCH: FiveThirtyEight analyst shares odds of victory for each party

  WATCH: Julie Gobble aims to be first Democrat in 27 years to hold Texas district house seat

  WATCH: Anissa Centers’ Free Fun for Friday brings happiness home

  WATCH: Tyler mayoral candidate Don Warren says government experience vital

  WATCH: Whitehouse ISD superintendent discusses return of most students to classroooms

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  WATCH: Advice from East Texas Crisis Center director if you suspect domestic abuse

  ABC News Political Director discusses upcoming VP debate, COVID-19 cases in D.C.

  Tyler Mayoral Candidate Joel Rando says he wants to help businesses grow, improve roads

  WATCH: Green Party candidate discusses COVID-19, economy, ‘Economic Bill of Rights’

  WATCH: Dr. Ed ‘disappointed’ after learning of President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis

  PATH provides drive-thru, drop-off locations collecting Coats for Kids

  WATCH: Leah Sperry speaks about suicide prevention, free resources at Andrews Center

Resources are available to everyone, even those without money to pay.

  WATCH: Smith County commissioners hear update on COVID-19 numbers, safety, testing

Smith County commissioners hear update on COVID-19 numbers, safety, testing

  Whitehouse ISD superintendent says specific staff trained to contact trace

Whitehouse ISD Superintendent Dr. Christopher Moran said he has specific staff trained to contact trace COVID-19 cases.

  Dr. Ed answers COVID-19 questions about the flu vaccine, cleaning, and the CDC

Dr. Ed Dominguez, an infectious disease specialist, joins East Texas Now to answer your questions about COVID-19.

  Cushing ISD superintendent says district is tightening restrictions at football games

  Chapel Hill ISD superintendent attributes district success to strategic planning, cooperation

  Red Zone Preview: Lufkin takes on old rival plus Gilmer and Carthage prepare to square off

  Livingston ISD superintendent calls pandemic ‘academic disaster’ for students

  WATCH: ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ to open this week at Tyler Civic Theatre

  WATCH: Tenaha ISD superintendent says start of 2020-2021 school year ‘mixed bag’

  WATCH: Lufkin ISD working to help students who struggled during 1st grading period

Lufkin ISD’s administration and faculty members have been reaching out to the parents of students who struggled during the first grading period, according to Lynn Torres, LISD’s superintendent.

Father of missing 5-week-old in Wells charged in connection with case

The infant was last seen around 8:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 18 in the community of Wells.

  Brownsboro ISD determines sewer gas was cause of odor that sickened students

Brownsboro ISD Superintendent Dr. Keri Hampton said Atmos Energy testing Friday evening revealed it was not a gas leak but the cause of the smell has not been determined.

  WATCH: Pollard Theater Center director talks about upcoming play

After a long hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pollard Theater Center in Tyler will be hosting its first show of the year later this week when its members perform a play called “Daddy’s Dyin’ Who’s Got the Will.”

  WATCH: Mineola ISD superintendent says school district’s COVID-19 safety protocols are working

Administrators, staff, members, and Mineola ISD employees have been following the safety protocol since the school district’s 2020-2021 school year started on Aug. 13, and they have been able to limit the spread of the COVID virus.

  Grapeland ISD superintendent troubleshoots issues with students struggling online

Jackson said a student’s success is the focus of choosing virtual or classroom learning.

  Tyler ISD superintendent: Active COVID-19 cases are below 1 percent of district’s population

Tyler ISD has started tracking its active COVID-19 cases online, and the numbers show that the school district has done a good job of slowing the spread of the coronavirus with the various CDC-recommended practices that are in place.

  Trinity ISD superintendent says no confirmed COVID-19 cases in district

Trinity ISD superintendent Dr. John Kaufman appeared on East Texas Now Thursday.

  Canton ISD Supt. Brian Nichols on transparency, student safety in district

The district has implemented a page on the website for reporting cases of COVID-19 in the district.

Starbucks building location in Marshall

Henson Property Group LLC announced the new Starbucks location at 100 East End Blvd North in Marshall, at the northeast corner of Highway 59 and East Houston Street.

  San Augustine ISD superintendent talks about district doing all virtual learning 1st few weeks

Unlike many other East Texas school districts, San Augustine ISD’s leadership opted to go the virtual learning route for the first few weeks of the 2020-2021 school year. Their students and teachers returned to in-class instruction on Sept. 9.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers talks to longtime teacher about changes to teaching, learning

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, East Texas teachers and students are discovering that teaching and learning both look different than they did, say six months ago.

  WATCH: Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders joins East Texas Now to discuss new book

Huckabee talks about her time growing up in a political father (she’s the daughter of Mike Huckabee) and about her time in the Trump White House.

  Grand Saline ISD Supt. Micah Lewis says he’s looking for help for teachers

Supt. Mical Lewis joined Lane Luckie for a discussion about the first month of school.

  Huntington ISD superintendent says 60 are currently in quarantine

Huntington ISD Superintendent David Flowers said 60 students and staff are currently in quarantine as the district operates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  WATCH: Dr. Ed Dominguez answers latest round of COVID-19 questions

Dr. Ed Dominguez, an infectious disease specialist with UT Health Southwest, joined East Texas Now on Friday to answer viewer-submitted about the COVID-19 virus.

  WATCH: White Oaks ISD getting back on track after COVID-19 caused campus closure

In the first few weeks of the 2020-2021 school year, White Oak ISD has faced some challenges, including the decision to shut down the high school campus for a few days because of a spike in COVID-19 cases.

WATCH: Tyler ISD’s superintendent says TISD getting back to normal in very abnormal time

Even though Texas is still in the middle of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, things are slowly getting back to normal for Tyler ISD’s students, teachers, and staff.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers shares new Free Fun for Friday ideas

Anissa Centers has done more research to find new, fun, and most importantly, free ideas for you to explore this weekend.

  WATCH: ABC political director talks stimulus package, recent political developments

ABC news political director Rick Klein spoke on East Texas Now Wednesday.

  WATCH: Marshall ISD Superintendent Dr. Jerry Gibson on ‘making lemonade from lemons’

Every school has a challenge this school year to keep their students learning well, whether they’re in the classroom or at home.

  NET Health provides COVID-19 update to Tyler City Council

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, George Roberts, CEO of the Northeast Texas Public Health District (NET Health), provided an update on COVID-19 in Smith County to city officials and the public.

  Whitehouse ISD uses ‘clean room’ to stop spread of COVID-19

Whitehouse ISD Superintendent Dr. Christopher Moran said nurses with the district have been under a lot of pressure since the school year began but they have stepped up to the plate.

  WATCH: Award-winning Kansas City sports radio host Darren Smith talks upcoming season, Mahomes influence

Award winning Kansas City sports radio host Darren Smith spoke on East Texas Now Tuesday evening.

  Woodville ISD superintendent says state has stricter tracking guidelines

Woodville ISD Superintendent Lisa Meyembourg said she has noticed she will have to start tracking quarantines and self-isolations after turning her COVID-19 report over to the state Tuesday.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers finds out how Labor Day played out for East Texans during pandemic

Anissa Centers talked with people all over the country to find out how COVID-19 really affected the last big celebration of summer.

  Lufkin ISD superintendent says 324 students have returned to face-to-face learning

Lufkin ISD Superintendent Lynn Torres said 324 students have returned to face-to-face learning after beginning the year as virtual learners.

  WATCH: Math curriculum developer discusses state-adopted platform for virtual learning

The new math curriculum is designed for making learning consistent for students at home.

  WATCH: 20 years of acting, stunt work broadened Athens native’s horizons

Athens native Christian Stokes, who has worked as an actor/stunt man in the entertainment business for the past 20 years, visited with East Texas Now Friday afternoon about an upcoming feature film he will be in called ’Till Death” and about his journey.

  WATCH: UT Tyler professor explains how the electoral system decides the presidency

Owens explains how a candidate can win the popular vote, and what it means to be a swing state.

  WATCH: Malakoff ISD superintendent says he is confident teachers offer a ’first-class education’

Superintendent Don Layton talked about changes in scheduling for teachers as 85 percent of students return to the classroom on campus.

  Longview man to appear on ABC’s Holey Moley Thursday night

The show, called Holey Moley, involves mini golf, but it’s amped up so that in addition to putting, they also face other obstacles to get through the super-sized course.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers has Labor Day weekend ideas on Free Fun for Friday

Anissa Centers has spent the whole week answering questions about how to have a fun Labor Day Celebration during this pandemic no matter where you plan to go or what you plan to do.

  Grapeland ISD superintendent says 5 percent is mark to close campus

Grapeland ISD Superintendent Don Jackson said about six percent of students have changed their mind on remote learning and have returned for in-person learning.

  Huntington ISD superintendent says remote learning during Laura ‘was seamless’

Huntington ISD Superintendent David Flowers said there were hiccups, but transitioning to 100 percent remote learning was otherwise seamless.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers takes away the worry about traveling across state lines for Labor Day

A three-day weekend is welcomed by everyone, even during a pandemic.

  Lindale ISD superintendent says elementary school on track for reopening after Labor Day

Lindale ISD Superintendent Stan Surratt said precautions are working for his district.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers talks about how to be a great host for Labor Day gatherings

Labor Day has always been known as an opportunity for family and friends to get together for a good time.

  WATCH: Lufkin ISD superintendent talks about first 5 days of school year

Along with dealing with COVID-19 related issues, Lufkin ISD also had to deal with planning for Hurricane Laura last week.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers discusses safety prep for Labor Day road trips

Historically, Labor Day has often meant road trips.

  WATCH: DR. Ed Dominguez answers questions about COVID-19 treatment updates, prevention

Watch the video to see if your own questions are answered about COVID-19.

WATCH: Tyler ISD superintendent talks about challenges district faced in second week

s Tyler ISD was about to start the eighth day of its 2020-2021 school year, Dr. Marty Crawford, TISD’s superintendent, said their biggest challenge over the past week has been preparing for Hurricane Laura.

  WATCH: Lake Charles resident who rode out the storm, suffered major damage shares his story

Luckie compared Hurricane Laura to four other hurricanes he has experienced and describes the damage in his neighborhood.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers focuses on the letter S - sophisticated, smart, sentimental

The focus of Anissa Centers’ Free Fun for Friday segment was the letter S on Thursday - sophistication, smart, and sentimental.

  WATCH: Therapists explain how you can make home-school life better

The start of the school year has been stressful for just about every family.

  WATCH: Marshall ISD superintendent praises staff for stepping up during pandemic

Marshall ISD Superintendent Dr. Jerry Gibson said his staff has stepped up to take on the challenge of face-to-face and remote teaching.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers speaks with family therapist on stresses faced by parents of older students

The start of the 2020-21 school year hasn’t just been hard for the parents of young students.

  WATCH: ABC’s John Quinones shares behind-the-scenes look at this week’s ‘What Would You Do?’

Topics will include “mean girls” who bully, Spanish speakers, and more.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers gives tips on making return to school healthier, less stressful

During an interview on Monday, East Texas Now’s Anissa Centers offered families some tips they can use to make the transition back to school healthier and less stressful.

  WATCH: Mineola ISD superintendent says only difference to typical start was masks, distancing

Mineola ISD’s superintendent said Monday that after his school district ironed out the kinks last spring and during the summer, they were well prepared for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

  WATCH: Livingston ISD superintendent says biggest challenge is adjusting to new safety protocols

Livingston ISD is now in the eighth day of its 2020-2021 school year, and Dr. Brent Hawkins, LISD’s superintendent, said that one of the biggest challenges they have faced is trying to get into a routine regarding the new safety protocols and procedures.

  WATCH: Dr. Ed explains why the COVID-19 test is so invasive and reasons for and against hydroxychloroquine

Dr. Ed answers questions about Russian vaccines, public events, and what recovery means to different patients.

  WATCH: Lindale ISD superintendent says masks, other measures made for good first week of school

Lindale ISD’s superintendent Stan Surratt said during his East Texas Now interview Friday morning that the first three days of LISD’s 2020-2021 school looked “pretty normal,” other than the fact that everyone was wearing masks or face shields.

  WATCH: Tyler ISD superintendent says district had great opening, teachers rose to challenge

Tyler ISD students started their third day of class Friday morning, and Dr. Marty Crawford, TISD’s superintendent, said, all things considered, they had a great opening.

  WATCH: Free Fun for Friday with new ideas for ‘releasing your inner nerd’ with Anissa Centers

Anissa Centers has more ideas to make your weekend more fun...and it won’t cost you a dime!

  WATCH: Chapel Hill ISD superintendent exudes confidence in students, staff after first day

Dean explained a great deal of planning and communication happened before the doors were opened.

  WATCH: ABC News political director reviews DNC, previews upcoming RNC

ABC News political director Rick Klein appeared on East Texas Now Wednesday.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers, financial advisor share easy tips to help you save money

No matter what stage of life people are in, there are ways to add some money to savings for the future.