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  WATCH: Dr. Ed breaks down different types of tests, false results, and who should be tested

Dr. Ed spoke about the possibility of false test results and how testing plays an important role in determining herd immunity.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers gets you ready for the weekend with Free Fun for Friday activities

  Tyler ISD board votes to rename high schools Tyler High, Tyler Legacy

  WATCH: Anissa Centers, expert weigh in on how pandemic could affect your finances

  WATCH: East Texas superintendents give candid thoughts on start of school year

‘The Walmart Drive-In’ free movie events coming to 2 East Texas cities

  WATCH: Anissa Centers says civil rights pioneer congratulated Trude Lamb on school name change role

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  WATCH: Anissa Centers talks about popular hobbies, their benefits

  WATCH: John Quinones previews the upcoming episode of “What Would You Do?”

WATCH: Dr. Ed answers questions about mask usage and hydroxychloroquine treatment

  WATCH: John Lewis staffer talks about relationship with President Obama

  WATCH: ABC Deputy Political Director MaryAlice Parks on today’s political hot topics

  WATCH: NBA reporter talks to East Texas Now from inside the bubble

  WATCH: Congressman Gohmert confirms COVID-19 diagnosis, says he’s ‘totally asymptomatic'

East Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert has tested positive for coronavirus.

  WATCH: Rep. Matt Schaeffer shares STAAR testing recommendation

Rep. Matt Schaeffer joined East Texas Now discussing the importance of STAAR testing in Texas schools.

  Road improvements could come to location of multiple fatal crashes in Tyler

Along the “S” curve on W. Grande Boulevard between Hollytree Drive and Old Jacksonville Highway, at least two fatal crashes have happened since May 2016. Now, changes could be coming.

Tyler police looking for man missing since Saturday

Tyler police are asking for the public’s help finding a man who left his vehicle on foot on Saturday and hasn’t been seen since.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers looks at how tax season has changed due to COVID-19

  Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis lies in state at Capitol

  WATCH: Anissa Centers shares a simple method to manage stress

  WATCH: Anissa Centers gives Free Friday Fun tips on a Thursday

  WATCH: ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff discusses new Disney+ travel show with son Mack

  ABC News Political Director Rick Klein discusses President Trumps COVID-19 response and masks

  WATCH: Anissa Centers talks with an East Texan who worked alongside John Lewis

He met his hero when he was 18 and worked for him right up until the congressman’s death last week.

  WATCH: Longview city councilman shares lasting impact of Congressman John Lewis visit

Congressman John Lewis visited Longview to speak at Maude Cobb Activity Complex several years ago, and Wade says it made a lasting impact on many in the city.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers says Sen. John Lewis inspired Trude Lamb to make a stand for her school

Trude Lamb’s mother Laura Snow spoke with Anissa Center to discuss.

  WATCH: East Texas author Joe R. Lansdale joins East Texas Now to discuss his newest book

East Texas native Joe Lansdale talked about his new book and his approach to the writing craft.

  WATCH: ‘What Would You Do?’ host John Quinones gives behind-the-scenes details on this week’s show

On Monday, ABC’s John Quinones joined Kayla Lyons on East Texas Now to share some details of this week’s episode of “What Would You Do?”

  Marion County Courthouse renovation ahead of schedule

Marion County courthouse renovation ahead of schedule and under budget.

  WATCH: Dr. Ed talks about masks, recovery and more

East Texas Medical Team Dr. Ed Dominguez appeared on East Texas Now Friday to address the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

  WATCH: Texas homegrown singer Erin Kinsey joins East Texas Now

She explains how her life as a performer has changed with the onset of COVID-19, and how social media keeps her connected to her fans.

  WATCH: ABC journalist talks about upcoming special about murder of young black man from Georgia

ABC journalist Deborah Roberts spoke to KLTV anchor Sydney Shadrix about an upcoming two-hour special called “In the Cold Dark Night” that focuses on the story of Timothy Coggins’ murder during an interview on East Texas Now on Friday.

  Historic Moment: Tyler ISD board votes 7-0 to change names of John Tyler, Robert E. Lee high schools

Tyler ISD’s Board of Trustees held a meeting Thursday at 6 p.m. to discuss and possibly take action on changing the names of Robert E. Lee High School and John Tyler High School.

  WATCH: Robert E. Lee senior tells how her class voiced their opinion on the name change

Sarae Sinville said her classmates used the power of social media to get their message out.

  WATCH: Robert E Lee High School student explains why she hopes for name change

Kawsar Yasin, a junior at Robert E Lee High School joined East Texas Now’s Kayla Lyons to discuss how she feels about the possibility of a name change.

  WATCH: 1960 Robert E. Lee grad explains why name of alma mater should be changed

He’s been urging his classmates to sign a letter asking the Tyler ISD school board to vote to change the name of the school.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers reports on customers’ reactions to mask requirements

Anissa Centers joins East Texas Now to talk about mask madness.

  WATCH: Football great Earl Campbell joins East Texas Now to talk about UT renaming their football field after him

Earl Campbell described the moment he found out about the stadium name change.

  WATCH: ABC medical correspondent, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, shares the latest COVID-19 data and research

Dr. Jennifer Ashton joined East Texas Now discussing the current data on children spreading the virus.

  WATCH: ABC journalist Deborah Roberts shares story of mothers who have lost their children to violence

Roberts interviewed mothers who have lost their sons and daughters finding these women have a common link of feelings of pain and hope for change.

  WATCH: ABC’s John Quinones discusses ‘What Would You Do’ episode about sexual orientation in sports, more topics

Quinones joins East Texas Now anchor Kayla Lyons to discuss discrimination in sports based on sexual orientation.

  The Next Normal: Back to School Roundtable

Over 15 superintendents from around East Texas joined East Texas Now today to talk about the plans, challenges and uncertainties heading into the fall of 2020.

  WATCH: Longview ISD Superintendent Dr. James Wilcox discusses TEA guidelines for new school year

Wilcox addressed a wide variety of issues, including bus rides, lunches, sanitation and online learning.

  WATCH: ABC’s chief medical correspondent gives update on COVID-19

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC’s chief medical correspondent, spoke to East Texas Now host Kayla Lyons on Tuesday about the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic.

  WATCH: Anissa and Drake Centers discuss pandemic’s effect on college athletes

Anissa Centers and Kayla Lyons discuss today how the current pandemic situation that has been underway since March is affecting college athletes.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers discusses how face mask ordinance is affecting retailers

Anissa Centers shares her perspective after looking at how the mask ordinance has looked across East Texas retailers in the last several days.

  WATCH: Hospitality Health ER-Tyler sponsoring blood drive at Classic Toyota

Because of the critical shortage in East Texas’ blood supply, Hospitality Health ER-Tyler will be sponsoring a blood drive at Classic Toyota on Monday, July 6.

  NFL great ‘Tyler Rose’ Earl Campbell weighs in on Tyler high school names

NFL hall-of-famer and Tyler native Earl Campbell appeared on East Texas Now Wednesday to make it known he is joining the cause of officially changing the names of the two high schools in Tyler.

  Titus County judge says mask wearing ‘small price to pay to conduct business, live a relatively normal life’

Titus County Judge Brian Lee reports new cases of COVID-19 among his county’s residents, and is asking them to cooperate to help curtail the spread.

  WATCH: Dr. Jennifer Ashton, medical correspondent, answers some debated COVID-19 questions

ABC medical correspondent, Dr. Jen Ashton, discusses wearing a mask, testing numbers, and the probability of a new vaccine.

  WATCH: Dr. Leah Wright-Rigueur talks about the current issues of race and social justice

Her research expertise includes 20th Century U.S. political and social history and modern African American history.

  WATCH: Anissa and Ania Centers discuss planning for college in the COVID-19 landscape

Anissa Centers joins East Texas Now host Kayla Lyons with a special guest on Wednesday: her daughter, Ania.

  WATCH: East Texas doctor and patient talk about their experiences with NASH, or Fatty Liver Disease

NASH Day was last Friday - June 12 - and it’s designed to raise awareness about Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers on COVID-19 and unexpected job changes

Anissa Centers has learned that the COVID-19 pandemic forced unexpected career changes for a lot of people that freed them to pursue what they normally wouldn’t have thought was a viable option.

  WATCH: Baby goats part of Anissa Centers’ Free Friday Fun

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Anissa Centers’ Free Friday Fun.

  WATCH: Racial disharmony not always about the big things

When people talk about racism and prejudice and racial disharmony, they’re often referring to overt acts of racism - from extremist groups, racial slurs or murders.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers speaks on how to change ways we interact with people different than us

Today, Anissa Centers talks with an East Texas counselor who answers the question so many of you have been asking

  WATCH: Anissa Centers talks about first steps to racial reconciliation

KLTV anchor Anissa Centers addressed people who may have been caught off guard by the intense national and international response to recent videos of black Americans getting killed by police officers and private citizens and have since been asking themselves, “What can I do to better understand?”

  WATCH: Update from Smith County Coronavirus Relief Fund Task Force

Smith County Fire Marshal Jay Brooks, who serves on the Coronavirus Relief Fund Task Force, addressed the commissioners court on Tuesday.

  WATCH: Jennifer Kielman speaks on the fate of Chuck E. Cheese and the bankruptcy of 24-hour fitness

Jennifer Kielman and Jeremy Butler sat down this afternoon, to talk about various topics in the news and catch up.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers reports on efforts to change race relations

Anissa Centers exposes the challenge of changing learned behavior with race relations.

  WATCH: ABC political director comments on the presidential campaign

Klein comments on President Trump’s campaign, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s running mate choice.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers shares Free Friday Fun ideas

This week Centers goes cosmic, colorful, theatrical, and even has a barracuda to share.

  WATCH: City of Tyler reopening dates

Adriana Rodriguez with the City of Tyler appeared on East Texas Now on Thursday to talk about the facility reopening dates.

  WATCH: What we can do to make change in race relations

Anissa Centers talks with counselors and therapists about what’s next and what East Texans can do to make a lasting change when it comes to improved race relations.

  WATCH: ABC News’ Dr. Jen Ashton: ‘Err on side of caution’ with COVID-19

ABC News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton appeared on East Texas Now Thursday to answer questions about COVID-19.

  WATCH: Sam Houston State’s Dr. Lisa Brown discusses CDC ambassadorship

An associate professor in the Sam Houston State University College of Education joined Kayla Lyons on East Texas Now to discuss an honor she recently received.

  WATCH: ABC, Good Morning America correspondent talks about new book, ‘Your Hidden Superpower’

ABC and Good Morning America correspondent Adrienne Bankert appeared on East Texas Now on Wednesday to talk about her new book, “Your Hidden Superpower: The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You with Anyone.”

  WATCH: Therapist advises how to speak about bias and pain from racial differences

Therapist Simone B. Key joins East Texas Now with advice for speaking with children and adults about racism.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers checks in with 2020 graduates

Anissa Centers brings East Texas Now some surprising interviews with seniors.

  WATCH: Joe Lansdale talks about new Hap and Leonard book, racism

During his East Texas Now interview Tuesday, bestselling author Joe Lansdale, who lives in Nacogdoches, talked about his new Hap and Leonard book, “Of Mice and Minestroni” and touched on current events here in America.

  WATCH: Jennifer Kielman newsbrief on fireworks, ER visits, and changes in fuel industry

On Monday, Jennifer Kielman joined Jeremy Butler on East Texas Now for a roundup of the day’s hot topics in East Texas.

  WATCH: Instructor offers unique contribution to community

Tiffany Mitchell offers free zoom classes.

  WATCH: Jeremy Butler discusses what it might mean to ‘disband police’ in Minneapolis

Jeremy G. Butler takes a look at the decision to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.

  WATCH: ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis appears on East Texas Now to discuss latest on economy

She talked about the latest information in regards to the economy.

  WATCH: Dr. Ed discusses protective practices for going out in public

Dr. Ed Dominguez, an infectious disease specialist, answers questions from viewers.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers shares Free Friday Fun, including free online marine biology camp

After a long and troubling week, our kids may need a distraction; how about some free online fun, like marine biology camp?

  WATCH: Dr. Shirley Mckeller speaks on Candle Light Prayer Night to end racism

Dr. Shirley Mckeller spoke to Kayla Lyons on East Texas Now Tuesday.

  WATCH: Local businesses experience change in customers’ spending after state re-opens

Anissa Centers shares the different categories customers fall into with their purchasing choices, and what changes she finds in herself.

  WATCH: Tyler police spokesman discusses George Floyd situation, says TPD welcomes peaceful protests

During his interview on East Texas Now Tuesday, a Tyler Police Department spokesman discussed the in-custody death of George Floyd, the protests and measures like de-escalation and cultural diversity training that TPD’s leadership is implementing to prevent a similar incident from occurring here.

  WATCH: Navigating COVID clashes

Relationship professionals Russell Bailiff and Laurie Ann Frank suggest some tips for recognizing and dealing with possible problems with the public.