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  WATCH: Dr. Ed on making summer plans work and more

  WATCH: Kaleb Mcintire, Trey Gonzalez and more in One Texas: Songs from Home Episode 7

  WATCH: East Texas Food Bank press conference with Feeding America

  WATCH: Anissa Centers speaks with expert about uptick in gardening during pandemic

  WATCH: Titus County judge says round of returned tests could result in triple-figure spike

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  WATCH: Tips for a new approach to outdoor cookouts

  WATCH: Titus County judge expresses frustration over test-result turnaround

  WATCH: Jennifer Kielman discusses how parents of little ones celebrate big moments during pandemic

  WATCH: Woman makes thousands of masks for nursing homes, medical facilities in Deep East Texas

  WATCH: Anissa Centers brings you more Free Friday Fun

  WATCH: Dr. Ed talks about Memorial Day plans, surface spread

  WATCH: Titus County Judge Brian Lee discusses surge in COVID-19 cases

Titus County Judge Brian Lee is now heading a county which leads East Texas in the number of positive cases and he said on Thursday that many more will be coming.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers agrees Gen-Xers were built to handle the pandemic

Thursday on East Texas Now, Anissa Centers talked about how her generation can handle social distancing and the pandemic.

  WATCH: ABC’s JuJu Chang discusses Nightline special ‘Pandemic - A Nation Divided’

The special is called “Pandemic - A Nation Divided.”

  WATCH: Shelby Co. Judge Allison Harbison discusses governor’s reopening plan

Harbison shared her thoughts on the governor’s latest round of reopening instructions for businesses.

  WATCH: COVID themed t-shirts sales benefit East Texas Food Bank

  WATCH: ABC News contributor Austan Goolsbee offers analysis of economy’s future

  ETN: Wood County judge gives her thoughts on Gov. Abbott’s announcement

  WATCH: Jennifer Kielman looks at protocols for reopening businesses

  WATCH: Anissa Centers shares Free Friday Fun ideas to get you through the weekend

  WATCH: Titus County Judge talks about recent surge in COVID-19 cases

  WATCH: Harrison County Judge talks about the new normal

Judge Sims said he appreciates people being cautious and wearing masks to protect vulnerable populations and “drive the numbers down”.

  WATCH: Dr. Ed addresses outside haircut risks and more

East Texas Medical Team Dr. Ed Dominguez appeared on East Texas Now Friday to answer audience questions about COVID-19.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers gets expert tips on coping with difficult people

Simple, quick body techniques that help calm your mind so you don’t lose it with your family during this pandemic.

  WATCH: Sam Riggs, Aaron Watson and more perform in One Texas: Songs From Home

Ahead of his One Texas performance this coming weekend, country music artist Sam Riggs sat down with East Texas Now.

  WATCH: Mentoring Alliance’s Suzette Farr speaks on Rose City Summer Camps

Kayla Lyons spoke with Suzette Farr with the Mentoring Alliance Wednesday.

  WATCH: One easy and surprising technique to manage stress

Russell Bailiff and Laurie Ann Frank, are licensed clinical social workers. They demonstrate the surprisingly easy thing you can do to one part of your body to become clearheaded and calm.

  WATCH: Virtual medicine on the rise as pandemic changes medical industry

Dr. Sam Bagchi speaks with Blake Holland about the scope of services for virtual medicine.

  ETN Interview: Feed the Frontlines Longview

Inspired by a friend in the Dallas area, two women started Feed the Frontlines - Longview. Since just before Easter, the effort has provided more than 1,500 free meals to people working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 crisis.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers discusses reopening East Texas

Anissa Centers spoke with East Texas Now’s Jeremy Butler Monday.

  WATCH: One Texas Week 4

Performers from this weekend’s One Texas show are appearing on East Texas Now to preview the upcoming show.

  WATCH: Josh Abbott and more in One Texas Week 3

Country singer/songwriter Madison Stuart, who will be performing on Episode 3 of “OneTexas: Songs From Home,” talked to East Texas Now host Kayla Lyons about how her life and the music business have changed as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic Friday morning.

  WATCH: Jennifer Kielman visits with Longview woman spreading love through art

Jennifer Kielman had the chance to talk with artist D’Ahn McDonald from Longview, who has been painting windows and doors to those who can’t leave their place of care due to the current crisis.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers shows you how to create 3D and more for this week’s Free Friday

It’s Friday! That means Anissa Centers is here to share free fun Friday ideas so you and your family can take your mind off the coronavirus pandemic.

  WATCH: Wood County judge discusses upcoming mobile testing

Wood County Judge Lucy Hebron appeared on East Texas Now Friday to preview Monday’s mobile COVID-19 testing.

  WATCH: Dr. Ed says masks needed in gyms; answers audience questions on COVID-19

East Texas Medical Team Dr. Ed Dominguez appeared on East Texas Now Friday to answer audience questions about COVID-19.

  ETN INTERVIEW: Tyler doctor talks about COVID-19 testing

During an interview on East Texas Now Thursday, a Tyler doctor said the demand for the COVID-19 diagnostic test performed at his office seems to be going down.

  WATCH: Chief Nursing Officer speaks about her challenging profession

She talked about the different areas she has worked in on the nursing side and the business side of health care.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers on minimizing family friction

Most of us are two months into spending way more time with our family than we ever thought possible. That’s bound to lead to some frayed nerves and misunderstandings.

  WATCH: UT Tyler Nursing School executive director on Nurses Appreciation Week, career opportunities

Alex LeRoux spoke with Dr. Barbara Haas, executive director of the UT Tyler Nursing School on East Texas Now Wednesday.

  WATCH: Native East Texan anime composer making global splash with COVID-19 project

Mason Lieberman, a composer, musician and former East Texan, is making a global splash with a project he spearheaded with several internationally-renowned musicians that turns a beloved anime property into a major charitable outreach in the fight against COVID-19.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers on taking control of your money

Wednesday on East Texas Now, Anissa Centers focused on how to lower stress by focusing on managing your money.

  WATCH: Economist Dr. Ray Perryman talks about his predictions for economic recovery

Native East Texan and economist Dr. Ray Perryman appeared on East Texas Now Wednesday to talk about the future for economic recovery.

  WATCH: Nacogdoches County Judge urges strong caution following Governor’s next round of reopenings

Nacogdoches County Judge Greg Sowell appeared on East Texas Now Wednesday to talk about the latest round of reopenings announced by Gov. Greg Abbott.

  WATCH: Jacksonville mayor pleased salons can reopen

Jacksonville Mayor Randy Gorham appeared on East Texas Now Wednesday and talked about the mayor’s decision to reopen hair and nail salons.

  WATCH: Lufkin cosmetologist urges colleagues to ‘stay with what we have been taught’

A Lufkin cosmetologist appeared on East Texas Now Wednesday and gave her thoughts on Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to allow salons to re-open on Friday.

  ETN: Quitman ISD assigns students life skills challenge

Alex Leroux spoke to a student and parent and got their reaction to the unusual circumstances for learning.

  ETN: Jennifer Kielman shares her weekend observations and some fun with Blake Shelton

Jennifer Kielman admits her personal obsession with Blake Shelton and how she got creative with celebrity sightings in her home.

  WATCH: Jennifer Kielman reviews reopening of Texas economy

Jennifer Kielman goes over what’s open starting today and how our audience feels about it.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers offers more free Friday fun

It’s Friday, so Anissa Centers has more free ideas for the family on Free Friday.

  WATCH: Dr. Ed says studies show evidence COVID-19 has lasting impact on lungs, kidney, liver, heart

East Texas Medical Team Dr. Ed Dominguez appeared on East Texas Now Friday to answer audience questions about COVID-19.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers visits with high-schooler about what she’s lost, gained

Anissa Centers introduces you to a high school student who talks candidly about the unexpected, life enhancing benefits of being forced to stay at home during this Covid-19 pandemic.

  WATCH: Gov. Abbott discusses nursing home COVID-19 cases, effort to re-open Texas

During an exclusive live interview Thursday afternoon about the effort to re-open Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott addressed recent spikes of confirmed COVID-19 cases at East Texas nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

  WATCH: Jeremy G. Butler talks about Biden accusation

Tara Reade, a former staffer in Joe Biden’s Senate Office, says Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. Biden has yet to directly address the allegation, and that’s causing a lot of frustration among his campaign, the party, and voters.

  WATCH: Jeremy Butler breaks down how the pandemic could change the future for theaters

After Universal’s success releasing Trolls World Tour digitally in the wake of COVID-19 theater closures, the studio cozies up to the possibility of expanding future digital releases - bringing their films to theaters and digital platforms at the same time.

  Owner of ‘Kool Kakes by Dylan’ staying positive and grateful to the community during this pandemic

The owner of "Kool Kakes by Dylan" has taken a hit financially during the COVID-19 crisis.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers talks with student missing school

Anissa Centers gets an eye-opening response from a teenager when she asks him how he feels about being at home, away from school, for this long period of time.

  Hotel Fredonia preps for reopening restaurants

The Fredonia Hotel in Nacogdoches will slowly return to a gathering spot popular with residents as much as visitors.

  WATCH: Nacogdoches County judge expresses caution following governor’s new orders

Nacogdoches County Judge Greg Sowell appeared on East Texas Now Tuesday to discuss the governor’s new orders.

  WATCH: Judges in counties of Harrison and Titus, Lufkin salon owner react to governor announcement

Following the Texas governor’s announcement that most businesses in Texas could re-open on May 1, East Texas Now spoke with several members of the community for their reactions.

  ETN: Jennifer Kielman interview with Tyler COVID-19 ICU nurse

Anchor Jennifer Kielman spoke with an ICU nurse in Tyler about her experience working with COVID-19 patients in the hospital.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers talks about resources for addicts during pandemic

Anissa Centers talks with a recovery expert about the concerns for those who were struggling with addiction, even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck and what they can do now that so many of them are isolated from their recovery support systems.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers talks about Free Friday ideas

Once again, Anissa Centers boldly takes you where no one else dares to go on Free Friday.

  WATCH: Jennifer Kielman talks to a chaplain about how faith is helping patients, staff and health care workers

Jennifer Kielman had the chance to sit down and speak with Chaplain Robert Stovall from UT Health Tyler.

  WATCH: Dr. Ed discusses when you can see your friends, if re-opening economy is safe

East Texas Medical Team Dr. Ed Dominguez appeared on East Texas Now Friday to answer audience questions about COVID-19.

  WATCH: Capital murder pre-trial hearing for Tyler nurse held virtually

To comply with social distancing, Judge Christi Kennedy held a pre-trial hearing on a capital murder case in a virtual setting.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers addresses challenges for new teachers

Anissa Centers appeared on East Texas Now Thursday to talk about how forced changes provide unitque challenges for new teachers and for those who teach extracurricular activities.

  Quitman quilter starts national mask-making movement

Sydney Shadrix talked to the founder of the mask-making movement Deb Luttrell on East Texas Now about how she got the movement going, and exactly how they make and distribute the masks.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers introduces you to a 100-year-old dancing machine

For a while now, Anissa Centers has been sharing information that’s been helping you make it through this coronavirus crisis as smoothly and pleasantly and healthily as possible.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers finds that educators miss school too

Tuesday on East Texas Now, Anissa Centers talked to a longtime educator who says parents and students are not the only ones affected by the short school year.

  WATCH: East Texas native, nationally known economist Perryman talks about oil prices

Dr. Ray Perryman, a nationally known economist, appeared on East Texas Now Tuesday to explain why the oil industry has bottomed out and what the future of the economy holds.

  One Texas: Songs From Home brings the concert to your living room

While we are stuck at home during this pandemic, so are our favorite bands and artists.

  WATCH: Jennifer Kielman talks cooking for stress relief, and cutting your family’s hair (or not!)

On East Texas Now Monday, Jennifer Kielman and Kayla Lyons talked about how some of us are handling quarantine stress by cooking more frequently.

  WATCH: Longview ISD superintendent talks about grades, promotions, graduation following governor announcement

Longview ISD Superintendent Dr. James Wilcox appeared on East Texas Now on Monday to talk about how his district will move forward following the governor’s closing of all campuses.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers shares creative ways to connect during pandemic

This COVID-19 pandemic shows just how much we all crave connection with fellow human beings. Anissa Centers shares with you some of the creative ways people have remained close while practicing social distancing.

  WATCH: Titus County judge clarifies mandatory mask order

Titus County Judge Brian Lee appeared on East Texas Now Monday to explain why he has signed an order requiring customers to wear masks in retail outlets.

  WATCH: Anissa Centers shares free, fun Friday ideas

It’s Friday! Which means Anissa Centers is sharing some free and fun ideas for you to do with your family.

  WATCH: Smith County judge, Jacksonville mayor, Marshall superintendent talk about governor orders

Two East Texas government officials and a school superintendent spoke to East Texas News immediately following Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement Friday of executive orders to reopen the Texas economy.

  WATCH: UT Tyler marketing professor talks about the survival of retail sales during COVID-19

UT Tyler’s Dr. Kerri Camp of the Soules College of Business appeared on East Texas Now Friday to discuss the record plunge in retail sales.