Overprocessed foods add 500 calories to your diet every day, causing weight gain

A shocking 61% of American adults get their total diet from ultraprocessed foods, according to the study published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

‘Baby Shark’ could help save lives, as middle schoolers learn to perform CPR to song

The catchy and popular tune “Baby Shark” helped make sure the students' chest compressions stayed on beat.

  Eat well, exercise more: New guidelines to reduce risk of dementia

Some 3 million Americans each year are diagnosed with a form of dementia. It’s a condition that can be managed, but not cured.

Obesity surgery benefits may be bigger for teens than adults

"Almost 6% of adolescents in the United States are severely obese, and bariatric surgery is now the only successful, long-term treatment option" for them, researchers say.

Tattoo ink recalled for bacterial contamination concerns

Inks contaminated with microorganisms may cause infection and serious health issues when introduced to the skin, including scarring.

U.S. birth rate falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

The report showed that birth rates declined for nearly all age groups of women younger than 35 but rose for women in their late 30s and early 40s. (Source: CNN)

  Opioid epidemic sparks new health crisis - hepatitis C

Officials are tackling the problem with clean needle exchanges.

  Low-dose aspirin linked to bleeding in the skull, report says

Researchers analyzed data from 13 previous studies involving more than 130,000 people ages 42 to 74.

Healthwise: The dangers of a ‘brain attack’

We all know what it means to have a heart attack. The National Stroke Association wants people to become just as familiar with a brain attack. That’s what happens when blood flow to the brain is disrupted.

  Mineral sunscreens touted as healthier, more environmentally friendly alternatives to typical sunscreens

If you’re looking for an alternative to common sunscreens this summer, environmental groups say look no further than mineral sunscreens.

  US measles cases still climbing, topping 800 for year

A total of 839 cases were reported as of last week. That's the most since 1994, when 963 were reported for the entire year.

Backseats of Uber, Lyft vehicles carry more germs than toilet seats, study finds

The study conducted by NetQuote swabbed the surfaces of rideshares, taxis, and rental cars.

  Pack these healthy travel snacks to get through summer trips

Are you taking a trip this summer? Here are some healthy snack ideas to get you on your way.

  Hepatitis A infections in US increased by nearly 300 percent over 2 years, CDC reports

The highly contagious virus of the liver, which is also a vaccine-preventable illness, has made a resurgence among adults in the United States.

Professor invites Alto tornado victims to take part in group therapy session at SFA

The processing session will take place from 10 a.m. to noon Friday, May 17

Sticker shock: Trump taking aim at ‘surprise medical bills’

Trump wants to make it clear that patients who receive emergency care should not be hit with charges that exceed the amount paid to in-network providers.

  Woman says birth control caused stroke at young age, helps raise awareness for others

Amy Bergeron had a stroke at the age of 19. She says it can happen to any young woman.

More people don’t have health insurance, CDC says

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health Interview Survey, the uninsured rate for Americans aged 45 to 64 jumped to 10.3 percent last year.

  Sunscreen: How to protect your kids from the sun

Use at least SPF 15 and make sure it covers both UVA and UVB rays.

TV ads for prescription drugs will have to include the price

The Trump administration is finalizing regulations that will require drug companies to disclose list prices of medications costing more than $35 for a month's supply, says the Health and Human Services secretary.

US pregnancy deaths up, and report says most are preventable

Bleeding and infections used to cause most pregnancy-related deaths, but heart-related problems do now.

  Chemicals in sunscreen enter your body after just one day of use, study says

The four chemicals studied, avobenzone, oxybenzone, ecamsule and octocrylene, are part of a dozen that the FDA recently said needed to be researched by manufacturers before they could be considered “generally regarded as safe and effective.

Report: Vaccine exemptions in Texas rise for 15th year

The Texas Department of Health Services says the number of Texans who chose to not immunize their children jumped this past school year despite a record-breaking measles national outbreak

  US measles count rises to 764, driven by New York outbreaks

Officials on Monday said 764 cases have been reported as of last Thursday. It's the most in the U.S. since 1994, when 963 were reported.

Vivimed Life Sciences recalls losartan potassium tablets after detecting impurity

Vivimed is recalling 19 lots of its product, which is produced by Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc in East Brunswick, NJ.

  HIV drugs stop transmission of virus, study says

The report shows that using antiretroviral therapy to suppress HIV to undetectable levels renders it incapable of transmission during sex.

  Man suffers stroke from cracking his neck

The doctor shared an X-ray of the man's neck, showing a tear in his vertebral artery - a crucial vessel leading to the brain.

FDA permits sale of smokeless tobacco product

The FDA says even though it is allowing IQOS to be sold, that does not mean it has been deemed safe to use

FDA strengthening warnings for some popular sleep aids

There have been reports of rare, but serious, injuries and deaths resulting from sleepwalking, sleep-driving and other complex behaviors by people who took the popular drugs. (Source: CNN)