Gregg County Commissioner, woman plead guilty to voter fraud

Shannon Brown and Marlena Jackson
Shannon Brown and Marlena Jackson((Source: Gregg County Judicial Records))
Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 2:31 PM CST

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - A Gregg County commissioner and one other co-defendant have pled guilty in a vote harvesting scheme.

Gregg County Commissioner Shannon Brown and Marlena Jackson pled guilty Class A Misdemeanor Voter Fraud. They were each sentenced to a year in jail, but the sentence was probated.

After the plea, Brown released a statement on the matter.

“When I ran for commissioner of Precinct Four, I promised the voters that I would ensure that they had a strong voice on the Court, that they would be heard. I promised them that they would not be overlooked, that they would have an equal seat at the table, and that they would receive their fair share of federal, state, and local funding. I have delivered on those promises.

Today, I entered a plea to a misdemeanor for campaigning at a voter’s house and asking her to consider voting for me while she had possession of her mail-in ballot. I did not realize at the time that doing so was a misdemeanor. I should have better familiarized myself with all the restriction set forth in the election code. That was my responsibility, I accept that responsibility, and I apologize for my lack of understanding in that regard. I am sorry. Since becoming aware of the issue at the conclusion of the last election, I have taken thorough steps to ensure that myself, the volunteers, and everyone in my campaign understands and adheres fully to the election code.

I am proud of my service on the Commissioners Court. I intend to finish what we have started, and I look forward to continue vigorously representing my constituents.”

The other two co-defendants have hearings set. Charlie Burns has a plea hearing set for Jan. 27 and DeWayne Ward has a trial date set for Jan. 31, according to online judicial records.

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