City of Nacogdoches’ $43.9M bond would fund fire station construction, street improvements, infrastructure repair

If passed, the bonds will go towards street and sidewalks fixes, airport repairs, fire station improvements and more.
Published: Oct. 23, 2023 at 11:38 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 25, 2023 at 5:49 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - On November 7, Nacogdoches residents will have the chance to vote on seven bond propositions aimed at repairing roads and infrastructure.

“This seven-bond election affects your city and where you live at,” said former Capital Need Advisory Committee, or CNAC member Lily Phou.

The city council appointed residents to look into the city projects for several city projects. They approved a $43.9 million bond in August as separate bonds.

Nacogdoches County Election Administrator Vicki Wood said the bonds will impact turnout and expects to see over 250 people at the polls on Monday.

“We do expect the turnout to be a little bit heavier this year because of that and also there’s a lot of amendments,” said Wood.

The airport proposition includes new runways, terminal buildings, fuel centers, and parking lots for a total cost of $7.3 million. Phou explained that the city council will only issue the bond if they receive grants or matching funds from federal or state entities.

Street improvements will cost $10 million to repair over 70 streets. “

Infrastructure is crucial when it comes to getting from place to place,” said Phou.

CNAC found 26 sidewalks that need repairs costing $1.4 million.

“We think that this is absolutely imperative for some places that do not have the sidewalks that are required if they do not have the transportation.”

City fire stations include the construction of a central station total cost of $16.7 million. “The bond is for people to have better fire stations, locations, and proximity,” said Phou.

Drainage repairs and replacements of storm sewers will cost $5.9 million.

“Catastrophic storm drainage issues hits at us back at half a million dollars, and so we need the funds in order to build, repair, and maintain our storm drainage system.”

The last two propositions are $2.2 million for park facilities, such as new restrooms and playground equipment, and $425,000 to improve one cemetery facility.

“There are all infrastructure needs and, therefore improvements for the city so that everyone can partake in the things we thought was most beneficial to the city,” said Phou.