Better East Texas: Vote in November

Published: Oct. 18, 2023 at 2:46 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Election Day in Texas is quickly approaching on Tuesday, November 7th. While it will be a year before we have a presidential vote and most ballot entries this year are local and state initiatives, we still need to take the vote seriously. So, as has been stated before, get out and vote in every election you can. It is what separates us from so many countries. Even though there are few candidate races on the ballot this year, there are numerous local school bonds, and city and county initiatives. Additionally, there are 14 state propositions that absolutely affect every Texan. Typically, the challenge is remembering to get educated on these local and state matters. So, take the time now to review the ballot in your area and consider the state level propositions. One of them is the proposed increase in the homestead exemption which will give homeowners a break on property taxes – that is proposition 14. Other noteworthy propositions include one that creates the Texas water fund that finances water projects across Texas. Another addresses the need for broadband connectivity across the state. Most of these are forward looking in nature. Proposition 13, if passed, will raise the mandatory retirement age of elected state judges and justices from 75 to 79.  It doesn’t seem like too much of an increase and since Texas judges and justices are elected and they don’t have a lifetime appointment, Texans need to consider this.  Regardless, of how you vote, we must preserve the right to vote by exercising that right every time we can.