East Texas grandma soon to become first-time homeowner with help of Kilgore nonprofit

A grandmother from Kilgore will soon join the more than half of Texans that own a home.
Published: Aug. 30, 2023 at 2:11 PM CDT
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KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - A grandmother from Kilgore will soon join the more than half of Texans that own a home.

“I feel like I just, won you know what I mean an Academy award or something like that I wanted a home all my life,” said June Primous, a new homeowner.

Becoming a homeowner was important for Primous, since she’s been raising her granddaughter for more than a decade and wanted to show her that owning a home was possible.

“She needs to be a homeowner too, that it can be done despised obstacles,” said Primous.

Her journey of becoming a homeowner has been over a decade in the making after applying to many places and being denied.

“I have been on the waiting list about 12 years between all the other habitats that I applied for but was not selected,” said Primous.

Until she applied to Kilgore Fuller Center for Housing, a non-profit in Kilgore that provides housing for families in need.

“I feel like if I did not have this opportunity, I would not be a homeowner,” said Primous.

Marc Watson, the executive director of this non-profit, understands the impact of families having a home that’s theirs.

“Kids who are here to go to college increase, generational wealth 400 percent percent, or four times more than someone who is renting,” said Watson.

Once the non-profit finishes the home, they sell it to the family. They provide the financing with no interest and a lower price.

“This home right here we will sell it to them for about $85,000 and then keep the payments escrow, down about $600 a month.”

June’s home is the 19th home the non-profit has built over a period of 25 years, and her neighbor’s house was also built by the same non-profit.

“This neighborhood, we have at least 10 homes we built in,” said Watson

Throughout the whole process of building June’s home, she said she’s remained grateful for the help she’s received.

“I feel proud, I feel like anyone that owns a home should have an opportunity to do so. I’m just grateful for the Fuller House and all the people that come together with me,” said June.

When asked what was the most exciting part of this whole experience she said the following.

“Everything, the whole thing, the whole house, I love every part of it, I love my kitchen, whole house.”

There will be a celebration at the new home where June will officially receive the keys to the house this Saturday.

To learn more about Kilgore Fuller Center for Housing, you can click here.