Trinity County animal shelter sees fewer strays after starting ‘pet fixers’ program

The City of Groveton Holding Pens in Trinity County has only five kennels for strays, but they've avoided euthanizing animals with a pet-fixing program.
Published: Aug. 22, 2023 at 8:19 PM CDT
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GROVETON, Texas (KTRE) - Stray animals that are found within the city limits of Groveton end up at the City of Groveton Holding Pens. The problem is, there are only five kennels.

Groveton Animal Control Specialist Debbie Wilson said that resources can be scarce.

“We have no rescues, we have no way out for these animals, except to go to a rescue. If they don’t get rescued, they will be euthanized. If we get overcrowded, I’ve got five pens here, if I pick up two more, someone has to go.”

A dire issue, but one Groveton has been able to avoid. Even with limited pen spaces, euthanasia is rare.

“With the city of Groveton, very seldom. We try not to euthanize anything,” Wilson said.

And that is in part due to a program called Trinity County Pet Fixers. This program provides free vouchers for citizens to get their pets spayed and neutered for free. Wilson said this is the most effective way to keep stray populations down. And this program has helped cut the stray population nearly in half.

“More cities and counties need to be putting money towards that endeavor,” Wilson said. “Instead of building bigger facilities.”