Longtime Marshall business shutters historic downtown location

Weisman owner/operators Robert and Deb Sorich decided it was time to take the big break.
Published: Aug. 15, 2023 at 3:45 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 15, 2023 at 6:51 PM CDT
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MARSHALL, Texas (KLTV) - The story that is a historic Marshall building is about to begin a new chapter. Businesses that are in the downtown Weisman building will shut down this week. But it’s not because of financial issues, it’s because the operator is ready to turn the page.

The Weisman building opened in 1900 as a department store, and it pretty much is right now, although most departments specialize in antiques. Weisman owner/operators Robert and Deb Sorich decided it was time to take the big break.

“We made a decision, we set a date. And then shortly after that we found out that the building was under negotiations to sell and that was a good last confirmation that, you know, it was a good time to retire,” Robert Sorich said.

He said the city owns the building.

“We’ve been leasing from them,” Robert Sorich said.

He took over the business in 2004 when it was a retail cooperative featuring local artists.

“And it grew from there into what it is right now, which is one of the best antique and gift shops in this whole area of Texas,” Robert Sorich said.

He said back in its day, the first two thirds of the 20th century, it had everything you needed.

“Scout uniforms, suits, bedding, everything was here,” Robert Sorich said.

And now everything from about 20 vendors must go, and Mehak Adamjee has been in often.

“I came in and bought a whole shelf of antiques and I’ve been coming in about once a week ever since then,” Adamjee said.

“So, she’s populating her apartment with all kinds of really cool stuff on the cheap, which is nice,” Robert Sorich said.

“I feel like it’s home here. So, it’s nice,” Adamjee said.

“Our customer base has been a tremendous blessing to us, our lives have been blessed being here and we’re just ready to move on with our lives now,” Robert Sorich said.

“I’m really sad it’s actually closing,” Adamjee said.

Deb Sorich said she’s glad to be on the other side of the counter during festive Marshall events, but with mixed emotions.

“We’ve had a lot of people say a whole lot of really sweet things. It was some tearful moments. But I think we’re going to be missed but it’s time for something new to come in,” Deb Sorich said.

So, it’s time to saddle up, drop the coin into the antique kiddie ride and head into the sunset. Well, unless someone buys the ride first.

The Weisman will close its doors August 19. Anything that hasn’t sold will be auctioned off in September. Robert Sorich said he doesn’t know exactly what will be inside when the doors reopen under new ownership, but he understands it will be retail and a restaurant.