Cowboys Camp: A conversation with Cowboys legend Nate Newton

Cowboys Camp: A conversation with Cowboys legend Nate Newton
Published: Aug. 2, 2023 at 11:47 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Under a full moon it is our final night here in Southern California covering the Cowboys training camp.

We’re going to leave you with a conversation with a member of those 1990s Super Bowl teams of the Dallas Cowboys, Nate Newton.

Michael Coleman: When you see these young cats out here, doing their thing, do you get the itch back, flashback to when you were doing it?

Nate Newton: No sir. All I miss is a check. The check, in the locker room, hanging out with my boys, Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Charles Haley, Tony Tolbert, Deion Sanders. That’s what I miss. And that check that comes every Tuesday baby. That was a fat thing to see every week, but other than that hitting that banging training, Big Newton ain’t missing that.

MC: Nate, you said it just the way we want to hear it from you, you’ve always been real, you’ve always been transparent. OK I always ask you what they gonna do this year, they were 12-5 last year.

NN: This is a special team. I don’t know what the record will be. But this is a year, and it’s kind of got me nervous and kind of scared to say it because, this is the year I feel like our defense is set. if our offensive line can stay healthy, we have a true, I mean a real chance I’m going to the second round. To get to the NFC championship game, I’m not at that point where I’m talking Super Bowl I don’t do that. It’s a growing thing.  But this team has the ability, if healthy. And if they can get through the NFC East, they should be in position to help themselves real real well, at the end of the year.

MC: What’s a missing is a pro bowler a multi pro bowler on the offensive line.

NN: No, nobody’s missing, but Zack Martin will be here soon. Don’t worry about it and he don’t need a whole lot of work, but the guys around him do need a whole lot of work. Our left, out right tackle Steele is coming back off injury he need a lot of work. Biadasz, he is continuing to grow and Center. Everything will be all right, Zack Martin, the butcher, the president, he will be back soon.

MC: We’ll wrap it up right here, McCarthy said this is probably the best of the rookies we’ve had since I’ve been here.

NN: Remains to be seen.