Cowboy players express importance of Dak Prescott’s leadership

Published: Aug. 2, 2023 at 9:07 AM CDT
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OXNARD, California (KLTV) - Several players in the wide receiver position have expressed their gratitude towards quarterback Dak Prescott’s leadership and efforts to assimilate them into the team.

The Cowboys are loaded in the wide receiver position which can help improve an already impressive defense and coach McCarthy hasn’t been oblivious to the fact.

“The big thing is, you know, I like the balance of veterans versus young guys. I think we have some young guys that have been impressive,” said Mike McCarthy.

A figure that most of these young players have been drawn too is Dak Prescott. Before the pre-season camp started Prescott spent some of his own money to bring these receivers to Atlanta to get to know one another and workout.

“His leadership mentality... whenever I first got there at the facility he was the first person I saw in the locker room and that was early in the morning. That showed great leadership in his part,” said wide receiver Jalen Brooks.

“We’re trying to gain chemistry, trying to be aggressive. It’s just how our coach is and its how I am, that’s the confidence I’ve gained on myself and I’ve worked so hard to have this confidence and be able to make the throws that I’m making,” said Prescott.

CeeDee Lamb is another player who’s benefited from Dak’s leadership.

“Experience. The thing’s that he saw. If I have any questions as far as any particular route that I need to be better at, or if he wants me in a better position, I ask him where he needs me and I do anything in my power to get there,” said Lamb.

The relationship between wide receiver and quarterback requires a lot of trust in each other, and in their coach McCarthy on the field.