Cowboys Camp: DeMarvion Overshown’s mother proud of his humility

Cowboys Camp: DeMarvion Overshown’s mother proud of his humility
Published: Jul. 31, 2023 at 10:59 PM CDT
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OXNARD, California (KLTV) - Sports Director Michael Coleman spoke with DeMarvion Overshown’s mother, Felicia Williams, in Oxnard, California, when she arrived to cheer on her son, a former Arp Tiger, at Cowboys Camp.

Felicia Williams: Oh man, I’m very excited. Of course, got to give praise to God for that. Just being here, but most of all, just the excitement, everybody being Cowboy fans, and then when you got that call. Lord have mercy. It was all over, so I’m very excited for my son.

Michael Coleman: Well, you know, we had a chance to visit with him and very humble, talks about home a whole lot, talking about how he was raised, you have to be proud that he’s bringing those values with him where he’s at.

FW: Yes, yes, I’m very proud of my son. I always tell him, you know, what starts at home so, you’re representing the house. Your mom. But anyways, my son, he is humble he’s very humble, he just takes it with him wherever he goes. That’s what I love about him.

MC: And I know the town is upside down about this. Because I know he helped out the school district with some school supplies. And what’s been the reaction from folks who see you? Shake your hand, hug you, high five or whatever.

FW: It’s a very good experience, you know, because people don’t have to do that. It don’t matter how big you get, how small you are, people don’t actually have to do that. We’re very grateful that they respect us and they love on us for everything he’s doing, just what he’s at.

MC: You were a cowboys fan before right?

FW: Yes sir.

MC: How big of a Cowboys fan are you now?

FW: I’m the biggest Cowboys fan they have especially with number 35 on defense, Overshown

MC: Let’s look at your jersey. You got the jersey on and everything.

FW: Yes I do! I do. (laughter)