Jackson Mahomes allowed to contact 3 witnesses in sexual battery case after bond motion hearing

Published: May. 16, 2023 at 3:36 PM CDT
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JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. (KCTV) - Jackson Mahomes, who is accused of assaulting a business owner and waiter at an Overland Park restaurant, will be able to contact three out of four witnesses who Mahomes requested contact with in the sexual battery case.

Judge Thomas Sutherland ruled Jackson Mahomes could not have contact with one witness who also has a relationship with one of the alleged victims. He can have contact with three other witnesses, with the condition that they do not discuss this case. They could be held in contempt of court if they discuss the case.

Mahomes appeared in court Tuesday with his attorney, Brandan Davies, to request changes to his bond conditions. A judge previously ordered that Mahomes could not have contact with any witnesses or victims, or speak publicly about the case, the victim or her business.

Mahomes asked for permission to speak with witnesses who are his friends, including a witness Davies described as Mahomes’ best friend. “She has talked with him before this incident and after this incident,” Davies said.

Johnson County Assistant District Attorney Megan Ahsens objected to communication between the witness and Mahomes. “We have a problem with the defendant having that close of a contact to somebody that closely related to the victim,” Ahsens said.

Each of the four witnesses who Mahomes requested contact with appeared via Zoom Tuesday. Judge Sutherland ordered that KCTV5′s camera inside the courtroom not record video of the witnesses participating via Zoom.

During the bond motion hearing, Ahsens explained why the state objected to contact with the witness who has a relationship with one of the alleged victims. “There was already an attempt on the night in question by somebody in his camp -- not him, not the defendant -- to influence witnesses,” Ahsens said. “I have serious concerns that will happen in this case.”

Mahomes is charged with three felony counts of sexual battery and one misdemeanor count of battery.

“This charge stems out of something that happened in February. If there was some attempt of collusion, I think the genie is out of her bottle about that,” Davies said. “These are just two adults who are friends. Mr. Mahomes is having a troubled time in his life with this case pending and he would like to be able to talk -- not about this case. I think a simple instruction of not talking about the case is appropriate.”

According to an affidavit, the father of an employee of Aspen’s Restaurant & Lounge called police on Feb. 25 to report that Mahomes shoved his son when his son was trying to enter a staff-only office.

While police were investigating the battery, officers spoke to a woman who is an owner of the restaurant. She reported that when Mahomes asked to speak with her in a restaurant office, he grabbed her by the throat and kissed her three separate times without consent.

She told police Mahomes told her, “Not to tell anyone.” The woman reported Mahomes refused to leave until she gave him a hug which she “reluctantly did.” According to the affidavit, Mahomes tried to explain “what he could do for her business.” The court record noted Mahomes has a “large social media following.”

Mahomes and his attorney did not comment after Tuesday’s hearing.

Judge Sutherland said he could revisit the issue of whether Mahomes can contact the witness he denied contact with Tuesday.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 31. Mahomes previously posted a $100,000 bond.