East Texas teenager gets ‘chance of a lifetime’ to play on stage with The Killers

East Texas teenager gets ‘chance of a lifetime’ to play on stage with The Killers
Published: Mar. 30, 2023 at 11:14 PM CDT|Updated: Mar. 30, 2023 at 11:18 PM CDT
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HALLSVILLE, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texan got the chance of a lifetime while attending a concert. His favorite band, the Killers, called him up on stage after noticing a certain sign in the crowd.

He is 16-year-old Coleman Goelz. He says music has always been a part of his family, and that he learned to love rock music from his dad.

“He’s definitely played it like all the time when I’m in the car with him. He’ll play rock music. He’ll show me songs to drum along to.”

And after showing him the band, the Killers, he and his family decided to attend a concert last year. It was said the band would bring up fans to play during their song ‘For Reasons Unknown.’

Coleman’s dad, Christoper Goelz said, “Brandon the singer, he looked down at Coleman because we had this big sign with lights on it, you know, ask him to play drums for reasons and at one point the singer looked down and went, ‘I’m so sorry.’ He just you know he knew he wanted to get up there but it just wasn’t in the cards that night.”

But fast forward to now, Coleman and his friend Landon Hodges had the opportunity to attend another concert, hoping to get called up. Landon had a sign on his phone that said, “He can drum For Reasons Unknown,’ and like it was just everybody around holding up their phones.” said Landon.

“First time he saw me. We could see him look at the phones and he stared there for maybe like a second or so, like a split second, and then we all freaked out because we knew he saw it.” said Coleman.

And then, it happened.

“My heart dropped. We thought the show was over and then he walked over to the stage crew or something, and then walked back up to the band and called me up and I didn’t know it was real. I just got up there and I got to shake hands with him and it hit me that I was up on stage with them when I turned back around and I saw the crowd. It was an amazing experience.”

It was a concert experience like no other for the two friends.

“Thank you to Brandon and Ronnie for letting him get up there because I know it’s a risk.” said Goelz.

Landon added, “I was just really proud of him. I was really glad he got to do that because I knew he really wanted to.”

“It’s unreal. I never thought it would have happened like this.” said Coleman.