Parents speak about importance of teamwork during the Rose Capital Little League season opener

Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 7:58 AM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The Rose Capital Little League season opener happened Saturday morning and not only did it bring a flock of kids dressed in smaller MLB uniforms, it also brought back life lessons learned by their parents from the league.

Sports has always been a great bonding activity for parents and their children as well as a good learning experience on what its like to work with others towards a common goal.

“It’s early and it’s cold, but man I love baseball. I played it my whole life and I love what it teacher the kids and how to work together, how important teamwork is, and being part of something bigger than just yourself” said Gary Albritton, a Little League parent.

“When you got a son you want to try to bring them up the right way. You bring them out the ballpark and teach them all that you can. Being able to spend time with them and watch them excel in sports is just outstanding.” said Phillip Dickerson, another Little League parent and the head coach of the Rangers little league team.

For other parents its about giving their children a chance to grow their athletic competence and strengths.

“She’s going to be a stronger baseball player, playing with the little boys” said Jennifer Stockwell, whose daughter is playing with the boys little league team.

Of course primarily the point of youth sports like the Little League is for the kids to have fun and learn the game.

“He was nervous and wasn’t sure where he was gonna be , de didn’t know where to throw the ball and I just told him you know what just do your best.”