‘Just Like the Butterfly:’ Short film shot entirely in Lubbock now streaming

‘Just Like the Butterfly,’ a short film shot entirely in Lubbock and created by a Lubbock native, is now streaming
Published: Mar. 16, 2023 at 10:46 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - ‘Just Like the Butterfly,’ a short film shot entirely in Lubbock and created by a Lubbock native, is now streaming. Since KCBD last caught up with writer and director, Adam Paul Stone, the film has won awards at several festivals across the country and can now be seen in living rooms.

‘Just Like the Butterfly,’ from the Frenship graduate, follows a husband with memory loss as he recounts his marriage and discovers why it’s ending. It’s been picked up by Pure Magic Pictures, a streaming service based in New York, and will be coming to Tubi and Plex later this year.

Stone says it’s been a dream seeing people from Lubbock watch the film shot entirely in their hometown.

“Watching the reaction at the end, ‘cause we say we were proudly filmed here in Lubbock at the end. And everyone’s like, ‘Oh, that was in Lubbock?’ You know, it’s really cool to hear people talking like ‘Oh, you shot that all in Lubbock?’ So, it’s been really nice taking this film around all through the U.S. and Texas last year and watching it play in front of an audience.”

The short film features Lubbock landmarks like the now-closed Joyland, Ralph’s Records, and Saint Paul of the Plains Chapel on University. Being from Lubbock, it’s important for Stone to tell West Texas stories, using West Texas as the actual backdrop.

“As a filmmaker myself who grew up here in Lubbock, and I would see movies that were shot anywhere around Lubbock, I was so proud to see a movie that was here, from here. I hope that really inspires other young filmmakers, and just people who live here, who’ve grown up here to be like, that’s awesome that someone did something that involved our city,” Stone said.

In 2022, Stone entered the film into 10 festivals across the country, taking home seven awards, including for best film, director, and writer. At the Flatland Film Festival here in Lubbock, people told stone they saw KCBD’s previous coverage of Stone’s film in 2021 and have followed his work since. The film also took home best lead actor at the Lubbock festival.

“So that was exciting, it’s cool to come home with the movie, and then we take home an award, so it was great,” Stone said.

The story and the opportunity for it to reach more people mean even more to Stone now after his grandmother died last year from dementia and his cousin suffered memory loss from a brain aneurysm.

“I just want people to sit and enjoy it, and experience something that is powerful and moving. And I hope it touches them because making it was moving and powerful for me.”

Stone has a meeting with an investor soon for his first full-length movie - which will be filmed in Lubbock.

You can watch the short film ‘Just Like the Butterfly’ for free on Pure Magic Pictures.