Governor Abbott visits Temple to discuss expanding school choice

Governor Abbott visits Temple to discuss expanding school choice
Governor Abbott visits Temple to discuss expanding school choice(KWTX)
Published: Feb. 20, 2023 at 10:15 PM CST
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) - Governor Greg Abbott was in Temple Monday night to speak to Central Texas parents about one of his top priorities, expanding school choice.

Parents packed the Central Texas Christian School to listen to Governor Abbot speak at Parent Empowerment Night.

Governor Abbott said expanding school choice is an emergency action item and wants more parents to get involved.

“We must get kids back to the basics of learning and we must empower parents if we are going to be successful in education,” said Governor Abbott.

Parents shared their testimonies about having a choice in picking what school option is best for their children.

“We choose private, Christian education because its values align with our families, reinforcing the belief that our entire lives are scared,” said parents at the event.

They said they’re here because they want other parents to have the opportunity to choose which educational option is best.

“The truth is that many children today are not being educated the way you and I were educated. I have to tell you; I hear so many frustrations from so many parents across the entire state of Texas about it,” said Governor Abbott.

Governor Abbott said he wants parents to have the choice of sending their children to either home, charter, private, or public schools.

His plan to make this possible involves state-funded education savings accounts.

“Parents are hindered in their ability to help their own children be able to succeed. That must change and it must change this year in the state of Texas,” said Governor Abbott.

Governor Abbott said if we want change for our future leaders, then parents must get involved.

“That means that you need to be working with your legislators. Working to ensure everyone understands the time for parental empowerment is now, the time for education freedom in Texas is now, and you have to get involved in that process,” said Governor Abbott.

Because emergency action items don’t require waiting until the 60th day of a session to pass, Governor Abbott could initiate legislative changes to educational choice as early as today.