East Texans gather to support Whitehouse alum Patrick Mahomes in his second Super Bowl win

Published: Feb. 13, 2023 at 6:58 AM CST
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WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KLTV) - Millions of Americans tune in for the Super Bowl each year. Sunday night, watch parties were in full swing to support Whitehouse alum, Patrick Mahomes take the field.

East Texans painted the room red and gold in support for the Kansas City Chiefs at the Montez Creekside Kitchen in Whitehouse.

“Obviously I’m here for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Huge fans. Got here at three o’clock. Love the chiefs. Go Chiefs!” said Chiefs fan, Allen Clarida.

Whitehouse mayor James Wansley says this year’s Super Bowl is special as Mahomes has ties with the city.

“It’s a super point of pride for us to see a kid that grew up in this community, performing the way he does on the highest level. I mean he’s a play maker, he’s a talent on the field, he’s a leader on and off the field. We can’t get anymore proud than we are today in the city of Whitehouse.”

And many attendees shared their own connections with the quarterback.

Whitehouse High School graduate, Tracy Savallo said, “Me and my husband watched Patrick Mahomes growing up when he was in high school so it’s cool to see the transition from here to now.”

Whitehouse resident, Sandy Stegall adds, “And I’ve known Patrick since he was four, and I’ll always root for the Chiefs. Go Patrick! Let’s get it!”

Even fans from outside the city made their way to the watch party. Robyn Whitten traveled all the way from San Antonio to be in Whitehouse.

“My sister and I are both big Chiefs fans. We love Patrick Mahomes and we’re just talking on the phone and we couldn’t go to the Super Bowl. We couldn’t make it to Phoenix so my sister said why don’t you come to East Texas and we’ll drive to his hometown and we’ll watch it there.”

We interviewed East Texans during the game and they predicted that it will be a tight score between the Eagles and Chiefs.

“I mean I feel like it’s going to come down to either a field goal or a touchdown. I think this is probably one of the more evenly matched Super Bowls we’ve had in recent past. So I totally expect a tie game.” said Chiefs fan, Meredith Bryans.

“It’s a super high-paced competition it looks like. Whoever can keep this sprint pace up through the marathon of the football game. Mahomes has proven he can do that over and over again. He’s got a strong team behind him. I still think the chiefs are going to pull it away.” said Wansley.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the Super Bowl LVII champions. This is their second win in four years after winning Super Bowl LIV.